NAS Nano v2.0 is Officially Released

The Nebulas official wallet NAS Nano v1.0 has been running for 2 months. Based on feedback that the community has given us, Nebulas programmers have been working hard to fix bugs and finally, NAS Nano v2.0 is released. This version can support both iOS and Android; it is easy, convenient and secure, and provides a platform for users to manage their assets via mobile phones.

Feature 1:

A more convenient and efficient way to let you explore the blockchain world.

Feature 2:

No learning curve and easy to pick up for new users. Learn how to trade NAS tokens with NAS Nano v2.0.

Feature 3:

Multiple encryption measures to ensure safety in transferring and receiving tokens.

Feature 4:

Asset management is clear and easy to understand.

Feature 5:

Korean community members can use NAS Nano in Korean language version. Now NAS Nano can support three languages, includes Chinese, English and Korean.

Android Download Address

iOS Download Address

Currently, NAS Nano v2.0 only supports Nebulas mainnet NAS. Users CANNOT import ERC20 tokens.
NAS Nano v2.0 DOES NOT support token swap.
Please visit Nebulas official website ( or click the link below to download NAS Nano v2.0.
Please watch out for fake apps! Nebulas is not responsible for any possible damage as a result of downloading fake applications.

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