NAT on-chain voting starts!

Beginning May 18, 2019 (UTC+8), Nebulas mainnet address holders can participate in NAT on-chain voting via the official Nebulas website. This process will exercise the governance system within the ecosystem and will allow those who qualify to receive NAT incentives.

  1. Voting location:
  2. Voting rule:

a) All NAT voted will be burned

b) The amount of NAT received via on-chain voting will be decided by the following two parameters:
1. NAT to be received per the NR of the address of the previous week 
2. NAT voted this week

The NAT to be received via on-chain voting will be equal to 10 times the smaller value of 1 and 2. Thus, if the NR for your previous week is 0, you will not receive any NAT reward through NAT on-chain voting

3. Voting process

a) Visit

b) Select the option you want to vote and click the “NAT on-chain vote” button.

c) Enter the amount of NAT (minimum 5 NAT) you would like to vote and click the “Generate QR code” button.

d) Scan the generated QR code with NAS Nano Pro (Download NAS Nano Pro here

Click send to enter into the transaction page
Click the square icon at the upper right corner to scan the QR code
Confirm the amount of NAT you would like to vote and scan the QR code
NAS Nano Pro will not show the amount of NAT you would like to vote; please confirm the amount on the webpage prior to scanning the QR code. The amount in the NAS Nano Pro represents for the gas fee for the transaction, please make sure you have enough NAS in the wallet for the gas fee before voting.

e) Click confirm to complete voting

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