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Nebulas Weekly Report #71: Nebulas community development roadmap officially released

Nebulas to initiate “On-chain Community Governance and Collaboration” in 2019

The 2019 Development Roadmap has arrived showing many positive changes coming to Nebulas development, decentralization and the release of the Autonomous Metanet! Come take a look & be sure to let us know what you think. Let’s build Nebulas together!

To learn more, click here.

Nebulas founder, Hitters Xu participated in the “Give me a hug in the bear market” at Shanghai Station and gave an opening speech

On February 22nd, Nebulas founder, Hitters Xu participated in the “Bear City, Hold” at Shanghai Station and delivered a speech. This activity was jointly sponsored by Bibinews and OK Group.

Hitters Xu said, “I think the reason why we have been able to keep going for so many years is that we believe that the blockchain can bring us a more open, free and democratic life. It is a project like our geeks can also participate in construction. I think, if we all have this yearning, this industry will become better. What I see now is only the appearance, and the embarrassment that will happen in the future is still wonderful. ”

Nebulas NOVA is the best gift from the Nebulas Research Institute’s on its 1st Anniversary

Every Thursday’s research seminar. From: Nebulas official team

A year ago, the Nebulas Research Institute was founded and from its humble beginning, has grown to become a leading blockchain research team in China consisting of four Ph.D and six full-time researchers. They have conducted innovative research work, helped create Nebulas NOVA, and contributed their studies to the general public blockchain industry. It has been a truly meaningful and fruitful year.

The Nebulas Research Institute team make themselves available to everyone in the community. If you have questions, comments or want to start a heated discussion, come on over to the Nebulas community forum!

To learn more, click here.

Nebulas NOVA testnet developer incentive program week 4 winners result announced.

The Nebulas NOVA developer incentive program is now getting more traction. The same smart contract address has successively won the top spots in both week 4 and week 5, which means that the competition and incentives for the developers in this program will be more complex. This program will run until March 31, 2019 and all are welcome to join us!

To learn more for week 4, click here.

To learn more for week 5, click here.

Nebulas participates in an internal closed-door meeting with the Public Chain Technology Alliance members with the topic of DEX

On afternoon of March 1st, a closed-door meeting discussing decentralized exchange (DEX), initiated by Wanchain was held at the Nebulas Beijing office. The guests from different blockchain projects shared their views on the development of a DEX. Participants in the meeting included: Wanchain, Nebulas, CoinXP, YOYOW, NULS, DragonEX, PChain.

Aero Wang, Co-founder of Nebulas, said: “When building a DEX, one must take into account the user profile issue, which is difficult to achieve without a central deposit system.”

Aero Wang (Nebulas co-founder) and Steve Li, (Council Member of NEM Foundation) talked about “Community governance for public chain project”

On the afternoon of March 1st, Nebulas and NEM exchanged information about community governance. The meeting saw these projects participate in: NEM, Nebulas, CoinXP, Wanchain, NULS, GSC.

Many projects have begun to work on community and governance this year. We look forward to hearing more opinions and insights from the industry and community.

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