Nebulas Achieving Cooperation with Knownsec, Multiple Protection and Big Data Technologies Supporting Nebulas Ecosystem Security

Currently, Nebulas has reached cooperation with Knownsec. Knownsec will provide exclusive security solutions based on multiple protection and big data technologies for Nebulas.

With the development of blockchain industry, onchain assets have grown rapidly. Hackers trespass into blockchain through code bugs and system bugs, doing DDoS attacks and CC attacks to onchain assets. This would cause huge economic loss to blockchain management team and their users. Thus, it become much important for protecting onchain assets.

Nebulas is the next-generation public blockchain, aiming to build a continuously improving ecosystem. As a lead public chain, Nebulas now has more than 10,000 smart contracts running on the mainnet with more than 230,000 accounts and more than 6800 DApps. Increasing amounts of DApp requires safer assets circumstance. For protecting Nebulas ecosystem security and being responsible for our users, Nebulas decides to achieve cooperation with Knownsec,a lead cyber security company.

Knownsec has been proficient in blockchain security field and has been doing relative research for years, providing specific security solutions for computing equipment, smart contract and business system. They aim at resolving “black-industry” and ensuring continuous steady operation of business system. They have good reputation in the same business. Their solutions for blockchain ecosystem security received recognition from cyber governing agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Knownsec`s customers include Huobi, Bitmain,Sparkpool,,
Some of the China’s official departments(like Ministry of Public Security of PRC, MIIT), choose Knownsec as information security service provider

The cooperation with Knownsec includes three parts:

1: Fully penetration testing for Nebulas mobile wallet (Android, iOS), web wallet, web add-in;

2: Fully code auditing for Nebulas mobile wallet (Android, iOS),web wallet, web add-in;

3: Fully security testing for mainnet nodes and penetration testing that refers to node information security and relative servers.

Our cooperation will obviously improve security of Nebulas wallet and Nebulas mainnet node, providing solid basis for healthy and sustainable development of Nebulas ecosystem.

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