Nebulas AMA Series#1 Testnet with Nebulas Co-Founder and CTO Robin Zhong

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2 min readJan 22, 2018


Nebulas AMA is a series of videos to help community members learn more about Nebulas. More AMA videos will come soon. Please stay tuned.

In this episode Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong answers questions about Nebulas Rank and Nebulas Force, the relationship between Nebulas testnet and community, as well as the roadmap of Nebulas. For more information about Nebulas Testnet, please visit .

Here are the subtitles:

Question 1: What is Nebulas Testnet and what does it do?

Answer: Testnet of Nebulas is a milestone for us. We released our fully functional blockchain system, which means users and developers can create their own wallet address and send transactions to others, and also write smart contracts. The most important part in this testnet is about the smart contract.We provide Javascript functionality supporting to write smart contract. That means all the web developers, whoever knows about the Javascript can writesmart contract, can dive into Nebulas, can embrace the blockchain community. We wish we provide those such functionality could make blockchain ecosystem, and Nebulas community grow faster and stronger.

Question2: Can ordinary community members use the testnet?If so, how?

Answer: Yes, testnet is open and public. Whoever, the user and developer can access it from our site, we provide page to describe how to use that. The most important part for our community is to help us find bugs, to improve the stability and also improve the security. We want to provide solid and strong product to the community.

Question3: When the mainnet is launched, can the testnet tokens be used as mainnet tokens?

Answer: Yes, that is a good question. As you know, testnet token is only used intestnet, it can’t be used in mainnet. So, they are totally different. Testnet token cannot be list in any exchange, so user and developer can claim testnet token from our web page, you can find it in our Github wiki repo.

Question 4: What upgrades will Nebulas Testnet receive in the future?

Answer: Yeah, testnet for us is just a beginning. We just released our fully functional blockchain system. And in the next few months, we will release more user-friendly tools, the Nebulas explorer for testnet, the Nebulas wallet for testnet. And we want to provide more and more user-friendly tools to make developer and users to reduce their learning curve, and quickly jump and dive into Nebulas.

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