Nebulas AMA Series#2 Testnet with Nebulas Co-Founder and CTO Robin Zhong

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3 min readJan 30, 2018


Nebulas AMA Series #2 Testnet

Nebulas AMA is a series of videos to help community members learn more about Nebulas. More AMA videos will come soon. Please stay tuned.

In this episode Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong answers questions about Nebulas Rank and Nebulas Force, the relationship between Nebulas testnet and community, as well as the roadmap of Nebulas. For more information about Nebulas Testnet, please visit .

Here are the subtitles:

Question 1: What will happen to the testnet after the launch of mainnet?

Answer: Yes, of course. We will keep the testnet running. The purpose of testnet is about testing. For the new features, we will release in the next few days, few months, few years. We will be first deploy our testnet, we want user and developer to evaluate those new features in testnet as soon as possible. And also, users and developers can write their own idea, write their own smart contract on testnet without any cost.

Question 2: What does the development roadmap look like for Nebulas? And how is the development of Nebulas Rank and Nebulas Force going?

Answer: As you know, testnet of Nebulas is just a beginning. We want to put our vision, put our effort to make the blockchain become better. For the next few days and few months, we will release more and more features, functions and user-friendly tools to the community, not only to Nebulas, but also to all the blockchain world. In the next few months, we will focus on the development of Nebulas Rank and Nebulas Force. Nebulas Rank is about the value finding. We believe, there are lots of value behind the transaction, behind the address, we want to use the Nebulas Rank algorithms to find that, to help the user and developer to build a better ecosystem. For the Nebulas Force, it is all about self-evolvement. We believe blockchain is not only code, he has his own mission, we want to provide its functionality to make more and more people can write, to deploy their own idea to blockchain with less effort and cost. And we hope, these functionality, not only Nebulas Force, Nebulas Rank could make Nebulas or the blockchain to be better and better.

Question 3: What is the main purpose of Nebulas testnet for the Nebulas community?

Answer: Yes, as I just said, testnet is just our first step. And we wanted to release the testnet as soon as possible to make the user and developer know what we have done, and what the Nebulas vision and mission to all the community. And we also want user and developer to try all the features or functionalities we provide in the testnet. And second, we hope the whole community, not only developers, but also users can involve in our development and help us find bugs to make the Nebulas more stable and secure.

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