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Nebulas AMA with Co-Founder Aero Wang Recap

On April 8th 2019, Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang sat to talk to the community and answered many questions via the Nebulas English Telegram channel.

During this AMA, community members had the opportunity to ask anything related to Nebulas — including Nebulas NOVA, Go Nebulas, community governance and much more!

We have also chosen the 5 questions submitted via Twitter that will receive a 10 NAS reward. The winners are announced at the bottom of this article:

Now, onto the questions and answers:

Question 1: Nebulas, wanted to be the Google of blockchain. Customers use it on a daily basis, but don’t get the tech behind it. Can you explain your project without tech and just with use cases for clients?

Answer 1: Search engine capabilities are only one of the key features for Nebulas and Nebulas Rank is only part of Nebulas’ technical vision. Moreover, we have realized that the current blockchain industry is not able to support the commercial application for a decentralized search engine.

So as a public chain with a strong ecosystem, Nebulas is further enhancing our ecosystem and will dig deeper into the on-chain community governance with the technical achievements we have already accomplished. We would like to put more emphasis on “Autonomous, Collaboration and Asset” and create a more comprehensive ecosystem instead of constraining it on a searching service alone.

The upcoming new mainnet of Nebulas — Nebulas NOVA, will contain 3 key features that will assist with the ideology of “Autonomous, Collaboration and Asset.” They are Nebulas Rank (on-chain), Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE) and Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP).

Question 2: Given Nebulas turning into a community-governed ecosystem, does the committee or foundation have any plan to grow adoption and potentially seek to attract legacy enterprises to develop blockchain applications on the network?

Answer 2: In short,

  • Nebulas Council: Oversees the legitimacy of the Nebulas governance process and the use of public assets within the Nebulas community; providing scaling advantages for the ecological development of Nebulas.
  • Nebulas Foundation: Manage the Nebulas foundation’s public assets, pool available resources and use the capital to offer efficiency advantages to the Nebulas ecosystem.
  • Nebulas Technical Committee: Entrusted by the Nebulas Council; responsible for the productivity and quality verification of the Nebulas development projects, thereby providing technical guidance and support to the community.

The key task for Nebulas in 2019 is to achieve an autonomous, organized and decentralized community based on Nebulas NOVA, which could endow the blockchain ecosystem with a better format of asset through on-chain governance. With the strong ecosystem and technical tools to support on-chain governance, we believe that the enterprises will be attracted to the Nebulas ecosystem.

For the roles of the Nebulas Community group, here are more details:

Question 3: If Nebulas becomes the biggest and most successful blockchain ecosystem in the world, do you think the value of a NAS coin can be above 1 BTC ?

Answer 3: The value of NAS coin is not our main concern. We are focusing on how to realize our technical visions. We do believe Nebulas will empower some decentralized applications and the blockchain community will eventually value NAS.

In addition, we care more about how community members really “use” NAS. With the newly released Nebulas NOVA, community members can start to use their NAS in NOVA and we will have more interesting things coming soon.

I believe in the market and believe the market will reward the quality projects.

Question 4: I really like the concept of Go Nebulas and the voting process through NAT, but how the team will arrive to compose with Chinese users and international users? The language might be a problem in the understanding and may influence the development and reward process.

Answer 4: English is the working language within Nebulas. Although it’s true that most Nebulas community members are Chinese, we also have users who prefer Spanish, French and many other languages. We don’t think language will affect the development or reward process since we have many volunteers who can translate between languages. For example, our wiki already has many different available languages.

Question 5: How many years of funding does Nebulas have in case the bear market is prolonged unexpectedly? Would love to know how long Nebulas can build for!

Answer 5: In 2019, Nebulas will be transiting to new structure that supports Nebulas to better embrace our community and collaborate with our community. From this June, and onwards, Nebulas will be supported by the Nebulas Council, Nebulas Foundation and Nebulas Technical committee. For more details, please review this article:

In short, with the support of the community, we believe that Nebulas can be sustained for a really long time. Even though Nebulas is about to complete its technical visions as stated in the white paper, with strong drive, we are expecting more interesting ideas to come in from the Nebulas ecosystem.

Question 6: I note the proposed issued of a governance token called Nebulas Autonomous Token that will be airdropped to the community based on ranking. Can you tell us a bit more about how the token will integrate?

Answer 6: NAT will be the only voting token within the Nebulas ecosystem. You will be able to use NAT to express your ideas in Nebulas’ on-chain governance such as voting for a feature on the Nebulas mainnet. Like the below one, whether to improve the gas fee for Nebulas mainnet:

NAT will be issued via airdrop to Nebulas mainnet addresses, the issuance amount will be proportional to their Nebulas Rank; so one of the most recent applications that everybody could use for Nebulas Rank is NAT! :)

The issuance amount of NAT will be related to the voting behavior of the address. We believe that addresses who are more active in voting within Nebulas ecosystem should be entitled to more voting power. Also, if the address has pledged some NAS to the voting contract, it will also receive a NAT airdrop. More info will be released soon; stay tuned!

Question 7: Is Nebulas still collaborating with all the companies they’ve announced as partnerships in 2018 such as Cocos, Ksyun, DeepCloud AI, Gifto, Dolphin, xMax, Joyso and more, in order to further push and achieve mass adoption by bringing more developers to the ecosystem?

Answer 7: After the “NIP” Program, we saw that developers and “DApps” are hard to sustain,As the first and even the largest creator, we no longer agree with the “off-chain” incentive model and there is enough data to support that conclusion. We will focus more about “on chain” incentives. “DIP” will be officially launched with the release of NOVA’s main network

At the same time, we will also pay attention to the transformation of the organization mode through community cooperation. This way, developers can truly participate in all development projects within Nebulas. We welcome everyone to participate in the core development of Nebulas through the “Go Nebulas” platform.

Question 8: What’s the plan for decentralization in Nebulas; what product will be published after the GoNebulas Platform?

Answer 8: Nebulas NOVA, NAT, Napp store and more to come, stay tuned!

Question 9: Okay, here goes my question. Nebulas already has a NRC-20 standard. Will there be a similar standard for non-fungible tokens, let’s say NRC-721? (answered already by samuel)

Answer 9: Actually, Nebulas already supports this feature. Check out this link for more details:

Question 10: The NAS Declaration of Independence is a very articulate and well thought out document! I would like to understand more about the distribution process for Nebulas Nodes and what the prerequisites are?

Answer 10: Thank you for your recognition for the “NAS Declaration of Independence.” Our new consensus mechanism is still under intense design and discussion. We hope to give enough incentives to community participants and at the same time, to bring the whole Nebulas ecology closer. More details are expected to be announced in May and everyone is welcomed to participate in the operation of Nebulas Nodes.

Question 11: Will the Nebulas team continue to show commitment and activity in the pace throughout bearish times in the crypto space?

Answer 11: Of course, the whole Nebulas team is working exhaustively. We have connected with external partners, spreading our ideas and technical achievements through events and media. We have also applied our technical achievement within and outside our community.

Technical wise, our research team is still very active in the crypto space. We are also very active in consensus, game theory and data analytics field. You may share your ideas or discuss any topics that are related to blockchain with the technical committee on the Nebulas community platform at They are quite open.

We have faith in Nebulas and in blockchain. No matter how the market goes, we will still be here.

Question 12: What is the community governance? Will coin holders be able to vote.

Answer 12: All complex systems begin with the development of basic rules that follow logical steps. Since the basic component of blockchain assets is an “address” this is also the basic unit of the Nebulas community governance. Therefore, we formally propose three basic rights for each Nebulas address:

  • The right to own and utilize assets on Nebulas
  • The right to initiate a proposal
  • The right to vote

If it's necessary to introduce new principles, the three organizations must always be guaranteed to operate independently and constrained by one another.

The purpose of each unique organization is to limit the amount of power any entity has over the entire ecosystem and to strictly designate their source of power, organization and power boundaries, as well as mutual restraint over each organization.

  • Nebulas Council: Oversees the legitimacy of the Nebulas governance process and the use of public assets within the Nebulas community; providing scaling advantages for the ecological development of Nebulas.
  • Nebulas Foundation: Manage the Nebulas foundation’s public assets, pool available resources and use the capital to offer efficiency advantages to the Nebulas ecosystem.
  • Nebulas Technical Committee: Entrusted by the Nebulas Council; responsible for the productivity and quality verification of the Nebulas development projects, thereby providing technical guidance and support to the community.

Nebulas is creating a new “hologram” — the “hologram” of community collaboration and governance. We want everyone, including users, organizations and developers, to collectively create a unified set of rules for the Nebulas ecosystem. No doubt, for this to be fair, we must create a system where everyone can participate in the consensus process and the creation of the guidelines.

All NAS token holders naturally have voting rights, and "NAT" is born for this scene.

Question 13: How does one wallet increase its ranking in Nebulas Rank?

Answer 13: Nebulas Rank is for each user’s account address, there won’t be NR for a wallet. For information on improving a addresses Nebulas Rank, checkout this link:

Question 14: The Nas Nano App shows me two extra token. TDMS and WITI. Can you tell us something about that pls.

Answer 14: These are NRC20 token of projects from the community. NAS nano supports token listing from the community.

Question 15: How does Nebulas solve the scalability problem?

Answer 15: That’s a great question and is really hard to fully explain the details.

a. Basically, the scalability problem comes from many different aspects. The first thing is network or nodes, and the second thing is the transactions.

b. For the network, it’s common sense that we have to use some consensus protocol to limit the network size, like DPoS, PoS, and Nebulas PoD follows the similar way.

c. However, it’s still challenging to decide the committee.

d. And the second problem is the increasing transactions, we are trying to involve checkpoint to reduce the data size. This is also related with consensus, since checkpoint needs finality, which is not that common for consensus protocols.

Winners of the 10 NAS reward

Prior to the AMA, we asked the community to submit questions via Twitter and the questions with the most combined up-votes/retweets would receive 10 NAS each. Here is the list of the 5 winners:

If your name is above, you should have received a message via Twitter. Be sure to reply to claim your reward!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who participated in this AMA. It was great to see all the questions and support from the community. Please be sure to join us at the next AMA and if you have any questions prior to then, please post them on the Nebulas community forum at

We’ll see you next time!

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Community Forum:
Instagram: nebulasio
Facebook: @nebulasproject
Twitter: @nebulasio



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