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Nebulas Attended The Silicon Valley Blockchain Week

At the end of June 2018, Silicon Valley hosted a Blockchain week that was focused on demonstrating their vision for blockchain technology.

Nebulas showed a very strong presence during this week and made their mark on Silicon Valley, and, at the same time, they introduced many developers to Nebulas — the next generation blockchain platform.

Attending the week-long event, Nebulas CTO, Robin Zhong, lead core developer, Roy Shang, core developer, Fung Wang, and other members of the team arrived from Beijing — joining the local San Francisco Nebulas team, as well as Nebulas Ambassadors from across the U.S.

Days 1 to 3
Kicking off the week, F50 sponsored by Nebulas hosted a 2-day hackathon at the new OnePiece Work building near Silicon Valley. While day 1 consisted of introductions and team building, the next two days were devoted to development.

While there was no specific goal of development and no requirement for platforms, most of the developer teams chose to develop on Nebulas, and nearly all the winning teams had utilized Nebulas. Lead core developer Roy Shang, core developer Fung Wang, and Nebulas community leader, Dustin Kritzer, acted as mentors to the hackers. Not only did they assist experienced developers who have built on other blockchain platforms, they also educated developers who have never utilized a blockchain.

Many of the teams were surprised how easy it was to develop a DApp on a blockchain and how Javascript is a natural choice for Smart Contract development.The developed DApps ranged from gaming to identity verification. After two long days of hacking, Nebulas CTO, Robin Zhong, was one of nine judges in a diverse panel to choose the winners. We are proud of all the teams who participated and delighted to see that most of the teams chose Nebulas for their platform!

Day 4
F50 hosted the Synergy Blockchain Summit at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Silicon Valley. Influential members of the blockchain community connected and shared ideas on how to bring us to the next level of blockchain adoption. As one of the esteemed speakers, Nebulas CTO, Robin Zhong, shared his inspiring vision of the blockchain ecosystem, and he also participated in a panel discussion on blockchain use cases.

To finish the day, Nebulas hosted a VIP reception where Nebulas Ambassador, Dustin Kritzer, greeted All-Star attendees.

Robin participated a panel discussion of Asia Blockchain & Crypto Landscape 2018 at 500 startups.

Days 5–6
Nebulas attended the Blockchain Connect conference Hackathon, hosted by DoraHacks. Nebulas community leader and mentor, Dustin Kritzer, introduced many new developers to Blockchain and Nebulas Javascript Smart Contract Development.

On the evening of the first night of the Hackathon, Roy Shang and Dustin Kritzer did a live-stream from the event where they answered community submitted questions and they invited hackers to ask questions live, and they even had a special guest Jiannan Zhang, the creator of DoraHacks who shared his vision with all of us.

On presentation day, Nebulas core developer, Roy Shang, Nebulas Ambassador, Anastasia Miron, and many other esteemed blockchain leaders judged the event. When all the votes were counted, teams that utilized Nebulas claimed the first and third prizes. The winning project was “Hacksport” which was built on Nebulas. The team member of Hacksport, Solomon Wu is also the winner of New York Consensus Hackathon Nebulas Challenge. As a special note, the second place team consisted of a father and his 9 year old daughter who demonstrated how blockchain can assist with the reduction of gun violence. It was very impressive to see a young coder attend a 2-day hackathon!

Day 7
With much anticipation and appreciation, Nebulas was invited to Google in Silicon Valley. Nebulas core developer, Roy Shang, and Nebulas Ambassador, Dustin Kritzer, presented Google with their passionate vision of the Nebulas ecosystem. They were also joined by Nebulas’ ecosystem partner Deepcloud AI and Weekly Champion of Nebulas Incentive Program Feihu Tang. The presentation was also live streamed to the entire Googleplex campus. In total, approximately 140 Googlers attended and watched via live-stream.

After Google, Nebulas hosted a meet-up in the NAS Center in the heart of San Francisco. Nebulars who attended the event were greeted with excitement from core developer Roy Shang, Nebulas Ambassadors, a Nebulas DApp Developer, and the CEO of DeepCloud AI.

After an introduction session, attendees participated in a fireside chat where they discussed how to choose a public blockchain, and this expanded into profound thoughts about education and how many blockchains do we really need. The deep passion expressed during this event was impressive to experience!

Day 8 Nebulas and Super Game Chain co-hosted a blockchain game meetup at the NAS Center. The panel from the bay area blockchain game industry discussed the applications of blockchain in games, the future direction of blockchain games as well as discussed the most strategic and exciting games currently available. Jackie Lim, the business development director of Nebulas participated the panel, introduced games on the Nebulas DApp store and why they chose Nebulas as their platform.

In Summary:

  • Nebulas was part of two hackathons.
  • Nebulas hosted a private event.
  • Nebulas demonstrated a strong presence at a VIP conference.
  • Nebulas streamed a live AMA from DoraHacks.
  • Nebulas shared their vision with Google.
  • Nebulas hosted an interactive meet-up.
  • Nebulas made new friends along the way!

Not bad for a week of work!

We look forward to the next event and hope to see you there!

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Twitter: @nebulasio



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