Nebulas Bi-weekly Community Dynamics # 55

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #55, delivering the latest updates on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Notes: To facilitate community members, Nebulas team has adjusted the weekly report, breaking it into community dynamics and development updates. The two parts will be alternately released on a weekly basis.

Community Dynamics

PCTA Launch Press Conference successfully held

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang attended the Public Chain Technology Alliance(PCTA) Launch Press Conference on Nov 10. At the conference, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu said, “Blockchain is about globalization. We need to come together, share resources and ideas; cooperate to build a better world.” During the panel discussion section, Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang expressed his opinion towards “the Cooperation and Competition Between Public Chains.”

Nebulas routine Vlog “One Day in Nebulas” has been published

A video about the Nebulas working routine “One Day in Nebulas” has been published. If you want to see what it looks like to work at Nebulas, watch the video via the link below! Over the course of the next several weeks, we will release more videos about Nebulas lead team members and exclusive interviews. It’s coming soon so stay tuned!

Click here to learn more and watch: “One Day in Nebulas, One Day in Blockchain”

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu was invited to attend the Beijing International Finance Expo 2018

On Nov 3, Hitters was invited to attend Beijing International Finance Expo 2018. At the Conference, Hitters expressed his ideas about Tokenization: “Tokenization can not always succeed with traditional business. Tokenization is supposed to be based on the philosophy of blockchain.” He recalled the past of the internet industry, “In 2000, most traditional business failed to be internet-based. The companies who succeed had to be internet-enabled and had critical thinking towards the internet.”

For more information about the PCTA conference, please keep following for our upcoming articles.

Nebulas Research Institute published “Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol” and Nebulas team successfully hosted “Mauve Paper Reading Activity”

On October 31, the Nebulas team published the “Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol” which stated that the Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) finished the theoretical review and was moving into the development stage. Meanwhile, “The Mauve Paper Reading Activity” successfully ended and received a huge response from Chinese, English and Korean communities, altogether gathering over 3,000 “likes”.

Click here to learn more: Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol

Click here to learn more: Let #NebulasNOVA Be a Hot Trend on Twitter!

Dr. Yulong Zeng did a closed sharing with Nebulas team about Mauve Paper

Nebulas Research Institute researcher Dr. Yulong Zeng conducted a presentation about the Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol to Nebulas members. Dr Yulong Zeng interpreted the logical implementation and the relative algorithms of DIP and also communicated with team members toward the issues proposed on Mauve Paper.

Click here to learn more: My First Job at Nebulas— — Interview with Dr. Yulong Zeng

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