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Expect your airdrop within 7 business days!

As of August 26th at 3:00p.m. (UTC+8 Hong Kong time), the Nebulas community ATP candy airdrop event which received wide attention from the community has officially ended. This event celebrated Atlas Protocol (ATP) completing the first round of the Huobi Fast Track program and the airdrop amount was selected by the Nebulas community.

Pledging participant overview

During the event, members of the Nebulas community pledged 6,875,178.54 NAS with a total number of pledge NAS addresses being 491; the largest single address pledging NAS was 550,000 NAS and as a result, will receive a reward of 479,987.53 ATP!


As per the rules of the event, the pledge address and the number of NAS that meet the pledge requirements will be divided into 6 million ATP prize pools according to the total pledge of the activity. Addresses will receive their ATP within 7 business days after the event completion. The airdrop address will be the same NAS address that meets the event requirements. After the airdrop, users will be able to view the airdrop results in their NAS nano Pro wallet or web block explorer at

Thank you to all who took part in this event!

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Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.


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Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.



Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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