Nebulas Community Meetup Report — Ambassadors Visit Beijing

In this week, Nebulas held a community and ambassador meetup at the Beijing office — Community Day on August 22nd, 2018(UTC+8) from 14:00 to discuss Nebulas ecosystem. Five Nebulas ambassadors who are from different countries came to Beijing for this meetup to join the activity. In addition, some DApp weekly winners of the Incentive Program and community members also came here to join the meetup. After three days of meetings and interviews, and additionally Wednesday’s official meetup with community, Nebulas established better relationship with our community. On site videos including interviews and meetup will be published on the web like Nebulas Youtube in the course of the work.

The Wednesday’s meetup was divided into several sections as follows:

Hitters gave a Welcome and Introduction Speech

Hitters is introducing Nebulas vision

At the beginning of the meetup, Nebulas’ founder Hitters Xu published a speech introducing the Nebulas’ core vision (NR, NI and NF)and expressing his welcome to visitors and also his good wishes to Nebulas visions. At the end, Hitters clarified the technical wishes of Nebulas’ future and some perspectives about the development of blockchain.

ATP Co-Founder Duran Presented the ATP Financing Process

Duran is publishing speech

In the second portition, ATP co-founder Duran spoke for introducing Atlas Protocol and its financing process. From the presentation, ATP’s growth and improvement were showcased.

Nebulas Ambassadors Shared Nebulas International Community Events

Anastasia Miron,Jackie and Dustin answer the questions

Nebulas Ambassadors such as Rungang Mo, Dustin Kritzer, Anastasia Miron, and the DApp weekly winners of Incentive Program such as Dappreview CEO Vincent etc... shared the first meeting with Nebulas and some interesting events happening in community. In this section, some concepts such as the differences of Nebulas community and community of other projects, Nebulas 2.0 and how should Nebulas team work with the community to accomplish the goals were all clarified clearly.

Left is Rungang Mo, right is Dustin Kritzer

The Voice of Nebulas Developers & Developer Communities

The weekly winner of Incentive Program is speaking

In this Q&A section, Ambassadors and the DApp weekly winners of the Incentive Program including Dappreview CEO Vincent, Andromeda CEO Feihu Tang, and Sizhu Core Developer Zheng participated in the AMA questions that we acquired on Reddit prior. They also answered other questions like why chose Nebulas, and the differences between international community and Chinese community. Some perspectives on DApps are also discussed. While sharing, laughter never disappeared and the atmosphere was warm and sweet.


On the last day of the Ambassadors trip, some of them took the opportunity to see some of Beijing’s history and visited the Great wall. The Ambassadors had an amazing time and the Nebulas team was very happy to receive them.

In closing

Nebulas meetups always aim to be educational and further enabling the community to understand Nebulas’ vision and technology. At this meetup, Nebulas team heard many different voices and the relationship between Nebulas and Nebulas community is much stronger. Nebulas is looking forward to more interactions with our valued community.

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