Nebulas Enters Strategic Partnership with Dolphin Browser to Integrate the Nebulas Blockchain within its 200m User Ecosystem.

Nebulas, a Decentralised Search Framework have announced a strategic partnership with MoboTap (Dolphin Browser), a multinational mobile technology developer, to assist the integration of decentralized applications within the MoboTap ecosystem, inclusive of its core product Dolphin Browser — a mobile browser utilised by over 200 million users supporting 25 different languages across 130 countries.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MoboTap is a leading mobile technology developer engaged in the creation of both mobile applications and services. Founded in 2010 MoboTap provides an array of leading products including cloud computing, mobile apps, music and advertising. MoboTap is renowned for the creation of its core product Dolphin Browser: one of the world’s leading mobile Web browsers utilised by over 200 million users across 130 countries. Receiving several awards since its launch, Dolphin Browser has been named one of PC Magazine’s Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps, was a PC Magazine Editors Choice and was featured as part of the CNet top 100.

Nebulas and MoboTap have entered a strategic partnership whereby Dolphin Browser will incorporate both the Nebulas blockchain and search framework. Taking a step toward blockchain, the adoption of Nebulas and its decentralised search framework will assist Dolphin Browser with the building of Decentralized Applications (DApps). Integrating the Nebulas framework will also reduce difficulties commonly associated with DApp development as well as targeting and marketing DApps to end users. Through modules such as Nebulas Rank (NR), a core ranking algorithm built into the Nebulas framework, users of Dolphin Browser will be able to more efficiently search, while developers will be better equipped to target DApps to users.

Servicing over 200 million users spanning 130 countries, Nebulas provides the ideal decentralised framework capable of handling the vast amounts of data within the MoboTap ecosystem.

Founded in 2017, Nebulas offers a next generation blockchain providing a search framework suitable for blockchain interoperability. Nebulas assists users to access information within the exponentially growing blockchain landscape. Nebulas, by providing interoperability across blockchains, allows developers to integrate Nebulas’s search framework directly within their applications via a number of core features. Nebulas Rank (NR) refers to an open-sourced ranking algorithm designed to measure value in blockchains and is based on a range of factors such as liquidity, propagation of users’ assets and the interactivity between users. Prioritising fairness in the interest of users as well as rapidity and irreversibility, Nebulas’s unique consensus algorithm Proof of Devotion (PoD) allows through the leveraging of NR, the use of ‘bookkeeper’s’ incentivised via rewards to perform a number of tasks aimed at maintaining speediness, irreversibility and fairness. Finally, Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) provides a core element of the Nebulas framework applying to developers of both DApps and smart contracts. By providing an incentive driven system, developers with an NR rank above a certain threshold are met with rewards designed to promote the development of high quality DApps and smart contracts. This mechanism helps ensure developers create value for all user within the Nebulas ecosystem.

Through this strategic partnership both Nebulas and Dolphin Browser will continue to work in achieving consensus in reducing difficulties associated with both DApp development and marketing DApps to end users.

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