Nebulas Foundation Notice

Nebulas Foundation will launch the Mainnet 1.0 (Eagle Nebula) on March 29th (UTC-07:00).

After 9 months of hard work, Nebulas Foundation has completed the development and testing of the Nebulas Mainnet 1.0. This mainnet launch is a giant step towards achieving our vision: to distribute the future evenly. Nebulas Foundation plans to continue to execute on its roadmap as set forth in the white paper.

Details about the Mainnet 1.0 (Eagle Nebula) are as follows:

(1) Genesis Block:
Nebulas Foundation will build the genesis block when the mainnet is launched. The Nebulas Genesis Block Manifesto will be included in the genesis block.
(2) Consensus Algorithm & Witness:
As described in its white paper, Nebulas will employ a Proof of Devotion consensus mechanism. Prior to the formal verification of the PoD algorithm, we will employ a DPoS mechanism in the interim.
(3) Nebulas Explorer:
Nebulas Explorer will be launched together with the mainnet. Nebulas Foundation will continue to work with third party developers to add new functions into Nebulas Explorer, and make it compatible with new Nebulas features as they launch, including NR (Nebulas Rank) and DIP (Developer Incentive Protocol). Nebulas Explorer is an open source project, and welcomes all developers and believers to help optimize it.
Click here to see the beta version of Nebulas Explorer and here to check out Nebulas Explorer’s GitHub page.
(4) Wallet:
Nebulas’s web wallet will be launched together with the mainnet. In addition, the wallet app is near completion! It is currently scheduled to launch at the end of April. Nebulas wallet will support NAS and all other assets in the NAS ecosystem.
Click here to check out Nebulas Web Wallet’s GitHub page.
(5) Testnet:
The tesnet is an important platform for testing and verification. It will run in parallel and independent of the mainnet, so neither will influence the other. Nebulas Foundation will test and verify all new features in the testnet before integrating them into the mainnet.
Click here to see the Testnet.
(6) NAS Coin Swap:
We will release the official plan regarding the NAS coin when the lock up program ends. No coin swap is currently ongoing. Please ignore false information, wait for our official announcement, and protect your digital assets wisely.
About Nebulas:
Nebulas is a forward-thinking public blockchain striving for a constantly optimized ecosystem. Based on an open and transparent ranking algorithm, “Nebulas Rank”, Nebulas evaluates the meaning behind blockchain addresses, smart contracts and DApps, to help users find valuable information more efficiently in a world with booming blockchain data.

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Twitter: @nebulasio