Nebulas Had A Fruitful Trip to Korea!

Visiting ICON, the largest and most popular Korean public chain project

Last Saturday, on 26 Jan, Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) held its first meetup in Korea. As one of the founding members, Nebulas was invited too! This is a wonderful opportunity for the Korean community to learn more about Nebulas, as well as for Nebulas to connect with local community and blockchain projects. Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang, Chief Architect Dr. Samuel Chen, Ecosystem and Marketing Executive Ruby Wu, Korean Community Specialist XiXiu Zheng, and Nebulas Korean Ambassador Yeonghun Ryu attended this event.

Nebulas team visited many popular Korean blockchain projects, such as ICON, FBG Korea, BnFI, Decenternet, Block72, Deloitte Korea, Decipher, CoinManager, RocketFuel, Allbit, and Nonce. They are public chain, exchange, wallet, media and related organizations. During these visits, Nebulas shared their vision of “let everyone benefit fairly from decentralized collaboration”, and introduced their unique blockchain technology, as well as the current Chinese market condition.

Nebulas Korean Community Specialist XiXiu Zheng introduces Nebulas and Chinese blockchain market to the audience

As we know, Nebulas has launched its initial mainnet “Eagle Nebula” in March 2018, and during their first Developer Incentive Program, more than 6800 DApps were deployed. Nebulas is also ranked consistently in the top 10 on China CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment. Currently the upgraded Nebulas NOVA testnet is live since 31 Dec 2018, with unique features of Nebulas Rank (NR), Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), and Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE). When the NOVA mainnet is launched in this March, Nebulas will become the first public chain with native on-chain incentives.

Korean Community Specialist XiXiu Zheng emphasized that Nebulas cares very much about the Korean community, there are Korean developers in their team too. Nebulas is also one of the few Chinese public chain projects that has Korean language support. Being a leader of Chinese public chain projects, Nebulas has always believed in engaging the community to run their project, and looking forward to more communication and partnerships with the Korean counterparts too. Many Korean blockchain projects appreciate Nebulas vision of building community, sharing resources and to achieve common goals.

Nebulas Korean community member! This fruitful trip would not be complete without their support

During the PCTA meetup, Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang has shared some of his insights. During crypto winter, everyone is searching cash flow and new business model. Aero has personally gone through 3 crypto winters, and he firmly believes that blockchain is here to stay. He mentioned that many good projects in the space, such as Ethereum, NEO, FBG all started in a crypto winter. In the current market condition, public chain projects should find breakthroughs in their development because if they do not seize the opportunity in a down market and push their technology research and development, then they might miss the booming in the next market recovery. As public chain projects explore new ways to gain traction, it’s important for different projects to work together, build an ecosystem, create better solutions to current market pain points. As the whole public chain ecosystem establishes, everyone can grow and benefit together, and this is also the mission of Public Chain Technology Alliance.

Decipher: Seoul National University Blockchain Academy members and our Nebulas team!

Nathan Kim, head of Stom in South Korea’s KoL community, also said during the meetup that there were several reasons for the lack of developer communities in South Korea. On one hand, it developed rather slow in the Internet era. On the other hand, when Koreans began to know about blockchain, most of the projects focused on creating crypto exchanges, and hire developers from a limited talent pool.

The Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) was launched in October 2018 by “Bitsclub Vision Program” to mitigate vicious competition between isolated public chain projects, and create win-win opportunities for them. Up to now, there are 38 members in PCTA, including projects that develop public chains, wallets, exchanges, as well as venture capital, blockchain media and community organizations. Kaiser Wallet is the first Korean member to join PCTA.

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