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Nebulas Incentive Program adds Super Contributor referral rewards

The Nebulas Incentive Program will be upgraded on June 10, 2018, with a new incentive mechanism for Super Contributors. Super Contributor rewards will be distributed to community members who successfully invite the most people to the Nebulas ecosystem. A total of 20 Super Contributors will be selected each week, and they will share a 10,000 NAS rewards, split proportionally according to the number of people they successfully invited. Super Contributors will also be included in a new voting process to determine the best dapps of the week during the Nebulas Incentive Program.

The debut of Super Contributors in the Nebulas Incentive Program expands the role of community and users, and is aligned with the Nebulas mission to create a collaborative platform with long-term sustainability.

Super Contributor incentives will take effect on June 10th, 2018, and run for a four-week period until July 8, 2018.

To win a chance to become a Super Contributor, users can easily register on the Nebulas Incentive Program website (, obtain their unique invitation code, and then invite others to register on Nebulas with this code. All community members, industry media, influencers, exchanges, and other groups and individuals, are encouraged to participate in this Super Contributor plan.

During this four-week period, community members need only on the Nebulas Incentive Program website ( and obtain a unique invitation, and share this invitation code with their networks. The top-20 referrers each week will be selected as Super Contributors. Nebulas community members, industry media, influencers, exchanges, and other groups and individuals, are encouraged to participate in the Super Contributor plan.

1. Why are we launching launch the Nebulas Community Incentive Program?

We are launching Super Contributor incentives as a way to both encourage broader awareness about Nebulas dapps and show our gratitude to those community members that are contributing to the growth of the Nebulas ecosystem.

One of the standard ways to define a product is that it must have a user/customer base or audience. And the more people use a product, the more valuable that product is. This dynamic is no different in blockchain. Excellent dapps need a large base of users, and so does the underlying blockchain. These ingredients lead to a truly useful and sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

This understanding is what motivated us to upgrade the Nebulas Incentive Program with a Super Contributor stream that rewards people who directly help grow the Nebulas ecosystem.

2. What will be different in the new and upgraded Nebulas Incentive Program?

There are two core differences. The first is that it is now easier than before to win NAS rewards by referring people to Nebulas. Previously, referrers could only win NAS rewards if the developers they invited built a dapp on the Nebulas blockchain. With Super Contributors, anyone stands to win NAS rewards simply by inviting others, including developers and non-developers, to Nebulas.

The second difference is that Super Contributors mark the beginning of Nebulas community members being now empowered with voting rights. Each week, Super Contributors will help determine the best dapps of the Nebulas Incentive Program. We believe a more democratic and inclusive process for voting for the best dapps in Nebulas is good for the ecosystem.

3. How will this Super Contributor Program work?

The Rules and Guidelines of this Super Contributor Program are as follows: Every week community can refers others to register on Nebulas using a unique invitation code. The top-20 accounts (those that invited the most people) will be selected as Super Contributors, and share a prize of 10,000 NAS. This prize pool will be proportionally distributed across Super Contributors, according to the number of people invited by each Super Contributor.

Super Contributors will also be able to vote on the best dapps in each week of the Nebulas Incentive Program. The 20 Super Contributors will be joined by three Nebulas team members to form a 23-person judging panel for the previous week’s champion, runner-up, and third-placed dapps in NIP. This 23-person jury will also vote on the monthly champion of NIP.

In addition to the weekly awards, the Nebulas Incentive Program also features monthly awards. In a four-week period, a total of 12 crowns, first and second runners-up DApps were generated. The final monthly development award will also be selected by members of the jury.

week (developer awards and Referral rewards).

4. How do Super Contributors vote for the best dapps of the week?

Voting requires the use of a NAS. Voters transfer NAS to the smart contract address specified by Nebulas, where 1 NAS = 1 vote. NAS will be locked in the smart contract address for two weeks, and then returned to the original sender’s address once the voting process has finished. However, for the first- and second-place dapps, not all of the NAS sent in as votes will be returned. (Please continue reading below for more details.)

Can I vote without limit? No. Each member of the jury can hold up to 10,000 NAS, and has the power to vote for 10,000 votes, including the voting rights obtained when he receives a new bonus.

How does the voting work? If each member of the 23-panel jury is locked in with 10,000 NAS votes, then there will be a total of 230,000 votes. The top-three dapps selected from a shortlist of 23 excellent dapps will be awarded with the Champion, second-prize, and third-prize. The jury can vote any one or more of the 23 dapps according to their preferences.

How is voting protected against cheating? To mitigate collusion among dapp developer and Super Contributors, not all of the NAS used to vote the top two-dapps each week will be returned to the judging panel. The first-placed dapp will return 90% of the NAS votes to the original sending addresses, and the second-placed app will return 95% of the NAS votes. The third-placed dapp will return 100% of NAS votes, and the remaining 20 dapps will return 105% of NAS votes.

The introduction of Super Contributors is an early step in making the Nebulas blockchain ecosystem more open and community-driven. We continue to explore additional selection methods on top of Super Contributors for determining the best dapps on the Nebulas ecosystem. In the future, further partners from the media, exchanges, and other collaborators, may be chosen to participate in the dapp selection process.

The big-picture throughout all this is Super Contributors is part of the gradual evolution of the Nebulas platform towards implementing the Proof-of-Devotion consensus protocol, to ultimately create an autonomous, community-driven blockchain ecosystem.

The Nebulas Chain (NAS) is a new generation of public blockchain and dedicated to building a collaborative ecosystem with sustainable upgrading. It features an original blockchain value discovery system, forward-looking incentive and consensus mechanisms, and the ability to avoid hard forks through self-evolution.

The main Nebulas blockchain network launched on March 30th. This was followed by the debut of the Nebulas Incentive Program at the beginning of May. Since then, nearly 3,000 dapps have been deployed on Nebulas, surpassing the number of dapps on Ethereum.

Learn more about Nebulas:
Official website:
Twitter: @nebulasio



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