Nebulas Incentive Program June Monthly Awards Selection Rules

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4 min readJun 30, 2018


The First Season Nebulas Incentive Program has come to an end, and the second Monthly Champion awards for developers and referrers will soon be decided. The selection rules for these awards will be outlined in this article.

Fifty Super Contributors and five Nebulas team representatives will form a 55-person judging panel to decide the Monthly Developer Champion for June. They will accordingly consider the best dapps submitted from the 5th to 8th week of the Nebulas Incentive Program.


Super Contributor Award

50 Super Contributors Share 10,000 NAS by Nebulas Index Score

June Monthly Developer Award

One, Bonus 20,000 NAS

June Monthly Referer Award

Monthly Promotion Champion (1) 10,000 NAS

Monthly promotion runner-up (2) 2,500 NAS

Promotion of the third runner-up (3) 1,000 NAS


Selection of Super Contributors: Beijing time July 1, 2018 (Sunday) 00:00 ~ July 11, 2018 (Wednesday) 24:00

Voting by the judging panel: Beijing time July 12, 2018 (Thursday) 00:00 ~ July 18, 2018 (Wednesday) 24:00

Awards announced: Beijing time July 19, 2018 (Thursday)

Awards distributed: Beijing time, July 20, 2018 (Friday)


Super Contributors are those who have invited the most people to register on Nebulas since June 10, 2018, the sixth week of the Nebulas Incentive Program, when the Super Contributor Referral Program was launched.

Only effective invitations will be considered when deciding the list of Super Contributors. Effective invitations require users to sign up on the official Nebulas website, submit their contact information, complete an SMS verification. Super Contributors also need to verify their Nebulas mainnet address.

Super Contributor Rankings

We are introducing another update to Super Contributor rankings that prioritizes those who invite people who have contributed Nebulas ecosystem.

New users who use Nebulas dapps accordingly be weighted more highly when determining Super Contributor rankings. Users who simply registered on Nebulas who have not contributed to the ecosystem will not be weighted as strongly when determining Super Contributor rankings.

The updated version of Nebulas Rank for determining Super Contributors encourages everyone to not only invite more users, but to encourage new users to try out the dapps in the Nebulas ecosystem, particularly the Weekly Excellent dapps of the Nebulas Incentive Program.

The top 50 accounts with the highest Nebulas Rank within a week will be Super Contributors. If are fewer than 50 Super Contributors, the actual number will prevail and the remaining slots will not be filled.

June Monthly Developer Champion voting procedure

The judging panel will select their favorite dapps on the official website, click the voting button next to the dapp, and transfer the NAS to the corresponding smart contract address issued by Nebulas to submit their vote, where 1NAS equals 1 vote.

Voting results:

The dapp with the most votes will win the monthly prize.

Please note:

1 Each jury member has a maximum voting limit of 10,000 NAS, which can be used for multiple applications and can be freely distributed.

2 There is no lower limit for the voting quota. However, if the Super Contributor does not participate in the voting, the Super Contributor Award will be cancelled.

3 The official website of Nebulas will announce the voting in real time. Each member of the jury can vote at any time during the voting period.

4 NAS used for voting will be returned to Super Contributions on a pro-rata basis. The return rate is as follows:

5 The following conditions are considered invalid and NAS will not be counted in the results and will not be returned:

A. Super Contributor changes the already voting address during the voting process;

B. Super contributors vote before or after the start of voting;

C. Super contributor delivers NAS to an incorrect address;

D. Non-Super Contributors deliver NAS to a voting address.


1) All taxes relating to awards received under the Nebulas Incentive Program, if any, are the sole responsibility of participants. All rewards will be issued in the form of NAS coins. Neither Nebulas nor its affiliates will be liable for any fluctuations in the price of NAS caused by the market;

2) By participating in the super contribution referral program, each participant agrees that Nebula is permitted to use its name, image and intellectual property rights for the marketing and promotion related to the program;

3) Nebulas reserves the right to disqualify any participants deemed to be in violation of any applicable laws or regulations or the incentive program rules, or if the participant is infringing on the rights of others;

4) Nebulas reserves the right to unilaterally adjust to the program rules such as the amount and nature of rewards, selection criteria, time of announcement of rewards, voting methods and DApp ranking algorithms;

5) Nebulas, its employees and their affiliates hereby disclaim all liability for any type of claims, damages, losses or damages arising out of this incentive program, including promotion events relating thereto;

6) Rewards that cannot be issued for any reason will be reserved by Nebulas for the development of the Nebulas ecosystem and community;

7) If you have any questions about this incentive program or disagree with the results, please contact

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