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Nebulas Incentive Program Recap — Day 1

We received more than 260 DApp applications on the first day of the Nebulas Incentive Program. Thank you everyone for your contributions! We greatly admire your enthusiasm and energy in building the future of blockchain technology.

Several DApps have passed the review to be entitled to NAS rewards. First, we’d like to congratulate these developers for their work. Later in this article will provide some feedback on why certain DApps didn’t qualify for NAS rewards.

That being said, the big prize still lies ahead. The application window to submit DApps for the first edition of the Weekly Excellence Awards will close at 24:00 AM on May 13th. Make sure to submit your DApps by then in order to be eligible to win the 10,000 NAS first prize.

Now, we’d like to give the developer community some feedback on creating DApps that are eligible for the Incentive Program. During the review of DApps submitted thus far, we came across some problems that will disqualify a DApp from receiving NAS rewards.

Here is a reminder on to avoid for your DApp to be eligible for NAS rewards:

1. DApps that cannot be accessed or downloaded by users. This includes DApps without a publicly accessible URL, or without a download address to their mobile application, or offline DApps that only be accessed on a local server and not through the internet.

2. DApps without smart contracts connected to the Nebulas mainnet. Submitted DApps should use smart contracts that are integrated with the Nebulas mainnet. Some developers only deployed smart contracts on the Nebulas testnet, and some developers failed to submit smart contracts altogether.

Learn more here on how to build a valid DApp for the Nebulas Incentive Program:

How to Build a DApp on Nebulas (Part 1)

How to Build a DApp on Nebulas (Part 2)

How to Build a DApp on Nebulas (Part 3)

3. DApps without any recognizable practical use. These are DApps with overly simplistic functionality or visual design, that only use smart contacts for demonstrative purposes, rather than for a practical use.

4. DApps that violate Nebulas Incentive Program laws and regulations. This includes DApps that infringe on copyright, or that feature illegal information such as violence, pornography, and gambling.

Which DApp has the most potential to win the prize?

1. DApp has functionality, and a working website or mobile app. The functionality of a DApp can vary, just as long as there is at least some functionality.

2. DApps that have practical value. These are DApps that act can be applied as tools, such as chat software, public welfare applications etc.

3. Games and other interesting DApps. Games and other interesting applications are highly valued because they can draw in audiences and circulate value in the network.

4. Innovative dapps. Nebulas encourages innovative DApps and developers to brainstorm various novel blockchain applications.

The following DApps are high-quality DApps that have been approved which can be used as reference:

Blockchain authentication and query system:


Unspoken secrets:

In order to facilitate the development process for building secure payments, Nebulas provides a payment SDK: NebPay

NebPay integrates with the official Nebulas wallet on Android, iOS, and Chrome plug-in (still under review, not publicly released yet).

NebPay can make it easier for developers to integrate payments into their DApps so that they can focus on other areas of quality DApp development.

About the Nebulas mainnet:

Nebulas is a new generation public blockchain committed to building a collaborative ecosystem with sustainable upgrading.

The Nebulas blockchain has three major concepts:

  • Value Ranking

To enable value discovery in blockchain, Nebulas Rank measures multidimensional data in the blockchain world and powers the decentralized search framework.

  • Self-evolution

To avoid the damage caused by forking to the blockchain, Nebulas Force enables rapid iteration and upgradability to its blockchain without the need for hard forks.

  • Native incentives

With forward-looking incentive and consensus mechanisms, the Nebulas Incentive rewards developers and users who contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

The Nebula 1.0 Eagle Nebula mainnet has all the features of Ethereum and surpasses the second-generation blockchain in several ways:

Nebulas is developer-friendly and supports JavaScript to write smart contracts and DApps, making it easier for anyone to start building on blockchain;

Nebulas is the only blockchain that implements the world-renown LLVM compiler, featuring superior performance through concurrent technology, with a transaction processing capability of 2000TPS.

Nebulas is more secure, stable, and has strong expandability. It also provides novel measures to both invoke smart contracts and upgrade protocols.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Twitter: @nebulasio



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