Nebulas Incentive Program Recap

The numbers are in and the results are impressive for the Nebulas Incentive Program Season 1. Below are the statistics on some of the greatest successes we found during season 1 and we want to share the success with you, our valued community!

The above statistics show us that Nebulas is very easy for users to learn and the blockchain is capable of a high volume of daily transactions. One of the most impressive statistics is that in just 72 days, the Nebulas blockchain went from 0 to 6,871 DApps. In comparison, the Ethereum network currently sits at 1,749 DApps. Nebulas has nearly 4X the amount of deployed DApps!

During the Incentive Program, Nebulas distributed 450,000+ NAS to 1,472 individuals. The receivers ranged from developers, super contributors and even end-users. In total, Nebulas recorded a total of 354,119 users.

The final count puts the number of rewarded DApps at 1,039 leading to a average of 15% approval rate. A single inspirational developer created 10 DApps in the short 2 month period. Impressively, a single user was rewarded 30,680 NAS for their hard work and contribution!

Congratulations to our weekly monthly champions!

Some application DApp’s stood above the rest and showed us what the Nebulas blockchain can truly do!

Game development was a very competitive field for Season 1 showing us how impactful gaming and blockchain will be in the future!

We want to thank all who contributed in the Nebulas Incentive Program Season 1. We look forward to seeing what our valued community will create in the near future and far beyond. Nebulas is striving to create a dynamic, continuously improving ecosystem and the Nebulas team greatly appreciate your support.

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