Nebulas Joined the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) as One of Its Partners

On October 24th, the Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP) officially initiated the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA). Nebulas joined PCTA as one of its first partners.

The Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) aims to form an open, cooperative and inclusive alliance to break the vicious competition among various public chains with the goal of opening their isolated ecosystem to new users and developers.

The blockchain industry is currently facing difficult challenges in developing real world applications for the classical industry. BVP was created to build a seamless connection between the classical industry and blockchain with the goal of introducing quality incremental users to the blockchain industry. At this point, PCTA will provide solid support from its technical perspective. Alliance partners will cooperate together, exploring and creating the framework for public chain technology standards.

PCTA will connect their ecosystem and developer communities, displaying their respective strengths and jointly promoting the standardized and beneficial development of the blockchain industry. In addition, Alliance partners will provide technical support to qualified projects of BVP, thereby laying a solid technical foundation for blockchain to support quality incremental users and to realize the vision of BVP: to introduce 100 million incremental users to the blockchain world.

Apart from Nebulas, other projects include Bytom, PCHAIN, HPB, NULS, XMAX, YouDeal and Atlas Protocol also joined PCTA as its partners. These partners are top public blockchains in the industry with distinct technical vision or have a rich and active ecosystem. Among these partners, Nebulas has the original blockchain valuation mechanism, future-oriented incentive and consensus systems, as well as the self-evolving ability without the need for hard forks. Nebulas mainnet will soon be celebrating its one year anniversary of stable operation. Currently, more than 6,800 DApps have been deployed on the Nebulas mainnet, and the daily transaction volume exceeds that of Ethereum. In July of 2018, Nebulas ranked third in CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment and became popular among the mainstream media at home and abroad.

Currently, Nebulas is in the R&D stage of Nebulas v2.0 - Nebulas Nova. The code for off-chain Nebulas Rank has been released and Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE) has also be improved. Nebulas Nova v2.0 is expected to launch by the end of 2018. At that time, real valuable data will be discovered and promote the popularity of blockchain applications.

The BVP was initiated by Hitters XU who is the founder of Bitsclub and Nebulas, together with SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC) partner Dr. Ye ZHOU, Danhua Capital, Oneboat Capital and Odaily. BVP aims to create a seamless connection between the classical industry and blockchain by focusing on projects with stable users and mature business models. BVP hopes to explore more sound application fields for blockchain technology and introduce 100 million quality incremental users to the blockchain world.

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