Nebulas Labs and Atlas Protocol will join Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival

The 3rd annual Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival, one of the largest international innovation and entrepreneurship conferences, will be held on May 2nd at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Over 2000 entrepreneurs and investors will participate in the event. The mission of the conference is to establish a platform to facilitate engagement between investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world and to showcase brand influence on a global stage. Nebulas Labs and Atlas Protocol will be a part of the blockchain venue at the Festival.
In the blockchain section, there will be panel discussions and keynote speeches exploring the future development of blockchain technology, discussing the investment and legal aspects of blockchain and presenting several current and upcoming high-profile projects. Many high quality blockchain entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley and other parts of the world will join the event to share their perspectives and insights on blockchain technology.
Duran Liu, head of Nebulas Labs and founder of Atlas Protocol, will start the first keynote in the blockchain section of the conference to present Nebulas Open Ecosystem. Duran will also join a panel discussion to further discuss Nebulas and Atlas Protocol technology and explore future use cases of blockchain. In addition, several unicorn projects, including MakerDAO, Loopring and Certik, will present their visions and different aspects of blockchain.

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