Nebulas Melbourne Meet-up, July 23, 2018

Melbourne Nebulas Ambassador, Saeed, talked about Nebulas

On July 23rd, 2018, Nebulas held its first ever Melbourne meet-up at Blockchain Centre (a coworking and shared office space for startups working in blockchain technology). Our Melbourne Nebulas Ambassador, Saeed Sidaoui, talked about Nebulas’ core technologies, Nebulas Incentive Program (NIP) Season 1, DApps built on Nebulas and Nebulas’ ecosystem statistics.

Additionally, Saeed also recently conducted an interview with a successful Australian blockchain developer, Bo Hu, who participated in NIP Season 1 and received 3 “Excellent” and 1 “Runner-up” awards.

Melbourne Nebulas Ambassador, Saeed, talked about Nebulas
Blockchain Centre’s community manager, Jon, gave the opening speech

Some highlights

Core Technologies

Core technologies of NR, NF, DIP and PoD were introduced to the audience. Saeed also discussed the recent release of Nebulas Rank (NR) Yellow Paper. Specifically, he discussed about how the lack of value measurement in the blockchain system can be solved by innovative NR, and how NR benefits both users and developers on both the Nebulas ecosystem and the broader blockchain world.

Nebulas Incentive Program (NIP) Season 1

Our ambassador also talked about NIP Season 1 and how it kick-started the ecosystem by incentivizing both developers and users onto Nebulas platform. One of the key features of Nebulas is the “ease of development”, where it provides a Javascript smart contract platform, multi-language SDK, advanced mainnet features, etc. With this developer-friendly platform, in order to attract developers, NIP was launched to provide a form a “free scholarship for developers” to learn how to build DApps on Nebulas. With more and more interesting DApps built on Nebulas, we can expect more and more users to join Nebulas ecosystem in the future.

DApps on Nebulas

Specifically, the 1st monthly champion of NIP, Cell Evolution, was introduced. It is the first decentralized strategy and sandbox game application built on the blockchain. Its quality and popularity has seen it raised $750,000 at a $4.5 million valuation. Additionally, Atlas Protocol, the first DApps incubated by NebuLABS (our incubator program), was also introduced. Atlas Protocol (ATP) defines a new tokenized marketing media by utilizing NR and directly connecting users, publishers and advertisers to create a more efficient and healthy ecosystem.

To learn more about quality and popular DApps on Nebulas, our Sydney Nebulas Ambassador, Kar, has asked for community opinion and compiled a list of DApps on Nebulas: Let’s play some DApps on Nebulas !!

Nebulas Ecosystem statistics

Nebulas ecosystem statistics was also revealed. Some highlights

  • Number of DApps: ~ 6,750
  • Number of smart contracts: ~ 11,000
  • Number of user accounts: ~ 215,000
  • Number of daily transactions (two-week-average): ~ 15,000

Other Highlights

Other speakers include Adrian Harrison (CEO of Huobi Australia), David Oh (CEO and founder of Copyright Bank), and Jon Quidim (Blockchain Centre Events and Incubation Manager).

Additionally, Q&A session was also held after each of the speech. Finally, all participants enjoyed socializing with each other, asking questions about Nebulas, having pizza/drinks as well as giveaways of free Nebulas T-shirts !

For Australia community members, we are looking forward to organizing more events/conferences/developer workshops/etc in Australia soon, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and more……stay tuned !

Interview with a Successful Australian Blockchain Developer

Sydney Nebulas Ambassador, Saeed Sidaoui, recently conducted an interview with a successful Australian-based developer, Bo Hu.

Now that the First Season of Nebulas Incentive Program has come to a successful conclusion,We are reaching out to Nebulas’ high achieving DApp developers for their valuable feedback.

As a full stack developer with 15 years’ experience, Australian-based developer Bo Hu shared his feedback on the Incentive Program while offering advice to less seasoned developers.

Bo’s commitment to DApp development on the Nebulas blockchain during the incentive program rewarded has been impressive! In total, Bo received 3 “Excellent” and 1 “Runner-up” awards as decided by the Nebulas Ranking Algorithm.

What are the Names of your DApp(s):

  • Monster Block Mega
  • 星云三国(Romance of Three Kingdoms)
  • 鲲 (Kun) and TradeWorld

What are the Website’s of your DApp(s):

How long have you been involved in the blockchain community?

I began looking into blockchain from late 2017, so I have been involved for about half a year.

Can you tell us a little about your experience with blockchain?

I started developing my own trading bot and algorithm in January of this year. When Ontology released their test-net and github access, I joined the Ontology community. I am currently assisting in both developing and maintaining Ontology C# SDK repository. In May, I joined the Nebulas ecosystem as a developer for the Nebulas Incentive Program DApp competition.

As a developer, I understand that you have developed multiple DApp’s on the Nebulas blockchain. Can you tell us about your DApp’s?

Thus far all my DApp’s have been games, including:

MonsterBlock Mega: A Pet card-trading game whereby players can collect and level-up their pets via a PvE system. Pets can also evolve into different forms when they reach a certain level. Player’s may also acquire randomly dropped gems by PvE bosses within the game, these gems can then be equipped to Pet’s to increase their stats. Finally, players can form Pet armies and battle against other players.

I believe this is the first card game on Nebulas both with this many features and complicated rules, all written seamlessly within the Nebulas smart-contract.

Romance of Three Kingdoms: is based on a historical novel, players build up their kingdoms on a full-size map of ancient China. Players can acquire a hero, win resources from battling against other players, and purchase items to increase their stats. We have a number of features planned into the future, stay tuned!

Kun: is a fun game where players train a Monster named “Kun”, players can feed their Kun with NAS and battle against other Kun’s. If your Kun wins, your Kun will eat some power and NAS value of the opposing Kun, in turn making your Kun progressively stronger. Players can also choose to abandon their Kun at any time, whereby NAS value will be returned to the player’s address in full amount.

TradeWorld: this is my favourite game because we created it with the purpose of charitable fundraising. Players buy virtual countries and win profits if they are purchased by other players in the future. This model supports charities as 10% of the total resell value will be transferred directly into a charities NAS address. With TradeWorld our goal is to give back to society, helping to make this world a better place all through blockchain.

What is unique about your DApp’s?

Game rules are written directly within the smart-contract, they are both transparent and immutable. Some assets within my DApp’s also have a hard cap on numbers so as to help ensure they retain value over time. And finally, my DApp’s are fun to play.

How does your DApp’s support the blockchain community?

My view is the more people that play my DApp’s leads to more people participating in the Nebulas community, either as developers or daily users. Which in turn, assists in supporting the blockchain community.

Why did you choose the Nebulas platform for your DApp’s?

I found Nebulas to be very easy to use, Javascript is a widely adopted language with low transaction fees.

How did you first learn about Nebulas?

I found out about Nebulas via friends in Nebulas Australia Community.

What is the most exciting feature of Nebulas?

The most exciting features in my opinion are its high throughput, secure and unique consensus algorithm.

What feature would you like to see next?

Smart contract that can support Oracles and calling another smart contract. And finally, wallet support to both send/receive and withdraw NRC20 tokens.

Have you used other DApp’s on the Nebulas blockchain, and, if so, what is your favourite, and why?

I found Cell Evolution and Dinosaur Park to be my favourite games within the Nebulas ecosystem, they are just so much fun to play!

Do you plan on building more DApp’s on Nebulas, and, if so, can you tell us about them?

Yes, I am planning to develop more DApp’s, but this time I may diverge from games. I am looking into developing more utility and industry-based solutions. I will share more details with the community into the future.

Where do you see blockchain tech going in the future — 1-year vs 10-years?

I foreshadow a reshaping of current internet economics; however, this will depend on users working and growing to achieve mass adoption.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

I would like to thank the Nebulas team, they have done a tremendous job at making this competition a great success!

How can users find your DApp’s on the Nebulas blockchain?

My DApp’s can be located via Nebulas official website within the DApp showcase. Alternatively, I have included my DApp’s websites above.

What advice would you give to any young/lesser experienced Developers trying to build on the Nebulas blockchain?

Everyone is new to this community, keep learning and build your dreams.

How can our community contact you?

I am available to contact on the following:


Wechat: bobio7

We would like to thank Bo for providing his valuable feedback to the community and supporting the Nebulas Ecosystem. We wish him all the best for future Nebulas competitions and hope this series encourages younger developers to ‘have fun and explore on Nebulas’!

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