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Nebulas Node Strategy Testnet Program Weekly Report (Week 7: Feb 19 — Feb 25)

Seven weeks have passed since the Nebulas PoD node strategy went live on the testnet and thus far, a total of 56 nodes are currently participating with 52 nodes have generated blocks. The participating nodes will share the testnet incentives of at least 200,000 NAS.

Progress from last week

  1. Manually suspending node
    If a node has been selected as a consensus nodes for the following cycle, it cannot be stopped it even if the operator requests it to be stopped before the next cycle begins. In this situation, the node will be penalized although the operator already knows it. This situation and a solution is still under discussion.
  2. PoD governance mechanism internal testing
    The governance mechanism is under internal testing. It will be released on testnet next week.
  3. Preparing for PoD governance voting
    The first PoD governance vote will happen on the testnet next week. Proposals that will be voted on have been released this week which include technical committee proposals and countermeasures related to the adjusting the penalty rules. The proposals which will be voted on include:
    A. Marks Proposal: POD Block Generation PenaltiesMore details
    B. Join the technical committee
    C. Nebulas Awareness Development & Content Creation Plan
    D. Open NAS nano wallet to vote on the currency, so that the distribution of node benefits can be booked through NRC20 、 管理 (Chinese)
    More about PoD governance mechanism please read Node Strategy: Governance Mechanism .
  4. PoD node AMA
    There was an online English AMA in the English Telegram group on last Friday, Feb 21 (UTC-8). Allnodes, StackOfStake, Everstake, InfStones and BTCU. A full transcript of the event is available at

Plan for next week

  1. The first PoD governance vote will be on testnet. Further details will be announced.

Join Us

  1. Participate in the development of contracts and tools related to the node strategy.
    We will submit some bounties according to the community suggestion, you can apply on the Nebulas Community Collaboration Platform.
    Open new new bounty: Node Strategy Smart Contract Template.
    You can also submit your proposal on
  2. Vote for the name of the latest version of the Nebulas!
    The first place reward is 500NAS. We have received 61 names since the beginning of this program and in total, 38 names are available for voting. Click here to vote via NAXClick here to learn more about this program & all received names.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Node Platform:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
Telegram Node Operating Group:
Community Forum:




Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.

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