Nebulas Nova: “Discover Value in an Organized Blockchain World”

When it launches, Nebulas v2.0 Nebulas Nova will transform the blockchain data landscape from a state of disorganized chaos into one of ordered and discoverable value. The new Nebulas mainnet will enable truly valuable data to be discovered, thereby accelerating the arrival of truly valuable blockchain applications.

The core functions of Nebulas Nova include:

1. Nebulas Rank (NR): To measure the value of on-chain data and provide order in a currently chaotic blockchain world.

2. Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP): To provide the native on-chain incentive for developers to build valuable blockchain applications.

The above two functions are the exclusive Nebulas initiatives. Nebulas Rank (NR) will provide a native on-chain and quantifiable standard to value blockchain data. At the micro level, it quantifies the contribution of specific accounts on the blockchain; macroscopically, it has a strong positive correlation with the change of the aggregate economy of a blockchain system. Moreover, the NR algorithm will be stored on Nebulas mainnet blocks, fully open-sourced, and transparent.

Nebulas Rank (NR) provides an important theoretical support for the distribution of the developer incentive, and Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) will provide an effective incentive according to the contributions of respective smart contracts on the Nebulas blockchain.

It is worth mentioning that Nebulas Nova has the unique underlying structure LLVM, which will not only supports the stable operation of NR and DIP, but also the upgrading of these two new functions according to evolving circumstances and specific user demands.

Nebulas Nova’s infrastructure
Nebulas Nova can be classified into off-chain and on-chain in its infrastructure:
1. On-chain: NR and DIP algorithm are deployed respectively with different heights and different versions. The algorithm is accessed in the form of an intermediate language (LLVM IR).
2. Off-chain: We will implement this within the Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE), which is based on just-in-time compilation (LLVM JIT). NR and DIP algorithms and other core protocol code can be executed in the NBRE. This is an optimized environment for NR and DIP, to ensure computer performance and scalability.
In addition, we will do interface expansion and functional upgrading to the existing core module, NEB, to support the interaction between the on chain-data and NBRE.

Nebulas Nova is an useful attempt to solve the problem of missing data value measurement on-chain. The resolution of this problem is also supported effectively through developer incentives. Altogether, the new mainnet will lay a solid technical foundation for the realization of the sustainable upgrading of a healthy ecosystem.

The detailed roadmap of Nebulas Nova is as follows:

September 2018
Offchain NR API
Late October 2018:
0.1 Mainnet upgrade
- 0.1.0 Block Data structure upgrade
- 0.1.1 Transaction functionality upgrade
- 0.1.2 LLVM IR onchain and access
Early November 2018
0.2 Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment (NBRE)
- 0.2.0 Prototype implementation, complete functional verification
- 0.2.1 Refactoring and improving to increase security
- 0.2.2 Add NBRE toolchain
0.3 Nebulas Rank (NR)
Late November 2018
0.4 Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP)
Early December 2018
0.5 Integration testing
December 31, 2018
Official launch of Nebulas Nova 1.0

About Nebulas:

Nebulas is the leading next generation public blockchain with the goal of creating a continuously improving ecosystem. Recently, Nebulas was ranked among one of the best blockchain projects by the Global Public Chain Evaluation via CCID Research. The current generation of Nebulas, which is known as “Eagle Nebula”, is the only blockchain that utilizes LLVM compiler, has a capacity of 2000 transaction per second and is built on a stable and secure infrastructure. In addition, Nebulas is user-friendly with native support for smart contracts written in Javascript. Since the mainnet release in March 2018, over 10,000 smart contracts, 230,000 accounts and nearly 7,000 DApps have been deployed. With its unique technological advantages, Nebulas has cooperative partnerships with numerous influential companies such as KSYUN, Cocos, Egretia, Knownsec, and many more.

Nebulas Technical Committee

September, 2018

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Twitter: @nebulasio