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Nebulas Partners with Cocos

While Ethereum’s stable price continues, the benefits of cryptocurrency, outside the trading sector, are becoming evident in the billion-dollar gaming industry.

Nebulas, a next-generation public blockchain platform, and Cocos, a one-stop mobile game development platform, have agreed to work together with the main agenda on blockchain gaming. The companies will team up to improve their technologies and communities, with the broad objective of establishing and facilitating decentralized app growth and speeding up strong approval for blockchain technology.

Blockchain apps in China are not yet fully developed. The platforms of enabling these decentralized applications are still immature, and real case studies are not convincing to the public yet. Nebulas and Cocos will team up on these challenges by attracting developers and providing the best conditions for high-quality content creation.

Nebulas is the leading next generation blockchain platform. It was ranked among the best blockchains in the Global Public Chain Evaluation published on 20th June 2018 by CCID Research. Nebulas’ main network- Eagle Nebula 1.0- is the only blockchain that utilizes the LLVM compiler with a transaction capacity of 2000 TPS, besides a stable and secure infrastructure. Additionally, the platform is user-friendly and supports JavaScript for writing smart contracts.

Cocos is a cross-platform, open-source free mobile game platform invented by Chukong Technologies. It combines game editor Cocos Creator, Global Open Source Engine Framework Cocos2d-x, and other supportive frameworks and tools. It comprises the entire process, from the creation of a new project to production, to launch of that project. It has several benefits like high compatibility, high performance, an engine for playing and sharing games across platforms, and medium based gaming packages.

Creating the connecting bridge between the actual economy and distributed digital systems is part of Nebulas’ main agenda. Cocos will partner with Nebulas on the research and creation of blockchain apps. Cocos will offer the technical support to create an app and a development platform for blockchain applications, organize working environments for blockchain games and offer a functional and effective gaming experience. With Nebulas’ network, Cocos and Nebulas will co-create the circulated trust ecosystem in the gaming sector. Both companies will hence offer a good foundation for the sector of blockchain games.

The collaboration between Nebulas and Cocos will emphasize majorly the following areas:

Community Cooperation. Nebulas and Cocos have already created conducive environments with their individual developer communities, and both are now dedicated to teaming up to further enhance active blockchain growth. Many developers are expected to take part in this program and within three months, the number of registered users is estimated to exceed 150,000, and over 2000 developer accounts.

Technical Cooperation. The Nebulas blockchain will enable smooth docking of dApps created by Cocos. This suggests that dApps created by Cocos’ workforce can be available on the Nebulas’ main net. Gaming, alongside the financial industry, is widely acknowledged as the core of blockchain’s looming “killer” application. Nebulas and Cocos’ collaboration anticipates hastening the advent of a killer blockchain-based game by facilitating the creation and deployment of such dApps.

Ecosystem development. Nebulas intend to develop a bearable public chain ecosystem, which advances unceasingly. Attaining this demands the contribution of outstanding associates in different areas. For instance, in the recent past, the distributed cloud computing platform- DeepcloudAI and the blockchain security enterprise- Certik, declared that they have partnered with Nebulas ecosystem. The collaboration with Cocos is the most recent measure by Nebulas to supplement its ecosystem.

Generation of more profits. As a functional measure, the strategic partnership between Nebulas and Cocos will evidently speed up the commercialization of the blockchain, increase the blockchain user set-ups and bring more profits.

Nebulas’ blockchain-based engine will guarantee more secure transactions to both developers and gamers. This is because of the transparency of payments carried out on the blockchain, as this invention permits each payment and balance to be visible to all users assessing the network.

With more than 25 million users, Nebulas presents the chance, which will empower gamers with the power to purchase and auction both game-earned and published bought commodities for games on various platforms.

On the other hand, Cocos has strong technical abilities with more developers and game players. This means that Nebulas will broaden its market size through this partnership.

Just as the blockchain technology has transformed the business sector, the gaming industry is starting to acknowledge the benefits that can be tapped from embracing it. The partnership between Nebulas and Cocos bring community cooperation, technical cooperation, the creation of an ecosystem and generation of more profits to both companies.

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