Nebulas Partners with GIFTO to Organize Blockchain Virtual Gifts for 30 Million Users

Nebulas, a decentralized search framework and GIFTO, a blockchain virtual gifting protocol, have announced a partnership, which help the 30 million GIFTO users to find what they want among millions of blockchain virtual items on the GIFTO protocol network

Nebulas, an open-source public blockchain project, partners with GIFTO, a new blockchain virtual gifting protocol.

GIFTO is created by the makers of Uplive, one of the largest live-streaming applications in the world with over 30 million users that generated $100 million in revenue in 2017 through selling over 30 million virtual gifts per month.

The decentralized search framework provided by Nebulas will optimize GIFTO’s in-DApp search.Nebulas Rank, a core algorithm of the Nebulas can allow millions of blockchain virtual gifts on the GIFTO network to be categorized and easily searched based on characteristics like: scarcity, value, popularity, etc.

The decentralized search framework of Nebulas is a perfect fit for the huge amount of data and vast social media network on GIFTO. GIFTO will be an important decentralized application (DApp) in the Nebulas ecosystem.

Nebulas Ecosystem

Nebulas is a next generation blockchain that provides searching and ranking suitable for the vast stores of information on the blockchain. Using Nebulas Rank, which is based on the liquidity, propagation and interoperability of a blockchain asset, along with the company’s algorithms for Proof-of-Devotion, Developer Incentive Protocol, and Nebulas Force, a new type of ‘value rank’ can be assigned to blockchains.

“We are creating an entire economy around millions of blockchain virtual items,” said Andy Tian, CEO of Asian Innovations Group creator of GIFTO and Uplive, and the former head of Zynga China. “Nebulas is an amazing technological fit for providing our users with a way to organize and access the vast number of exciting gifts we will be offering as we roll out our platform to 30min Uplive users and more in the coming months.”

“Nebulas Rank, Proof-of-Devotion and our other advanced blockchain ranking and categorizing technologies are perfect to be applied to the vast ecosystem that GIFTO is creating,” said Hitters Xu, founder of Nebulas. “We are excited to partner with their amazing team and roll out our technology to millions of users in the coming months.”

As an open-source public blockchain project which provides a search framework for all blockchains, Nebulas will involve more developers into its ecosystem and incentivize them to develop more DApps on the Nebulas platform.

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