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Nebulas Partners with WeOne to Accelerate Global Esports Growth on the Blockchain (NAS), the globe’s leading next-generation public chain, and WeOne (CKR), a Singapore-based esports blockchain tournament and gaming platform, agreed to collaborate (NAS-CKR) on September 28th, 2018, towards revolutionizing the esports & gaming industry and bringing further maturity to Nebulas’ ecosystem.

Nebulas, a public blockchain with the goal of creating a continuously improving ecosystem, and WeOne, a decentralized next-generation platform proving unprecedented, multi-dimensional gaming experiences, have signed a strategic partnership to promote the mainnet development for Nebulas and continue to foster esports growth.

The esports industry has rapidly increased in popularity over the past years, particularly in Southeast Asia, where the number of enthusiasts is expected to reach 20 million people by 2019.


Nebulas and WeOne will be closely collaborating on a variety of projects. Nebulas will assist with aspects related to the planning, development, and marketing of the WeOne platform.

Due to the partnership, WeOne dApps will have the ability to evolve on Nebulas’ flexible blockchain, and anchor dApps will be released on the Nebulas public chain to cement the building blocks of the WeOne platform. This influx of dApps onto the Nebulas public chain will help nurture and accelerate the growth of the entire ecosystem.

Recently, Nebulas was ranked as one of the best blockchain projects by the Global Public Chain Evaluation via CCID Research. Its technological advantages have helped secure a number of partnerships with influential companies.

WeOne is an official partner of XiGu Group, and the WeOne token, ‘Chakra’, has been appointed to be the official currency of YuuGames, China’s largest esports event organizer. YuuGames currently has millions of members across 140,000 gaming cafes in the country.

The official NAS-CKR partnership will help build bridges across different industries to further facilitate the growth of the wider esports industry. Its inclusion as a competitive activity at the 2022 Asian Games has created a massive opportunity for collaboration and growth within the esports sector.

The NAS-CKR partnership will only accelerate the development and creation of a gaming and esports ecosystem that is reliable, immutable, and efficient.

Collaboration between both projects through the NAS-CKR partnerships will help each platforms expand in their capabilities. The creation of a gaming and esports ecosystem built on decentralization will not only benefit the gaming industry at large, but will also help positively promote blockchain technology in the public sphere.

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