Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper — Blockchain 3.0 Primer

On June 30, Beijing time, the Nebulas Foundation, which is under the leadership of the next generation of public blockchain Nebulas, will release the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper according to schedule.

Just as the Internet has broken out weights and measurements for digital data — the birth of Google PageRank being a prime example — the blockchain world is awaiting the emergence of its own value measurement system, which will help break through the development bottleneck and usher in explosive growth.

The Nebulas Rank is a measure of the value of such multi-dimensional data on blockchain, and provides a basis for carrying out viable sustainable upgrades of decentralized ecosystems.

The publication of the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper is a major research milestone for Nebulas, building on the release of the foundation White Paper last year, and the launch of the Eagle Nebula 1.0 Mainnet on March 30 this year.

The Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper is the result of deep research and technical experimentation by the Nebulas research team over the past year. The publication of this Yellow Paper means Nebulas Rank has officially progressed from the verification stage and entered the stage of implementation. The development of Eagle Nebula 2.0 has begun.

The current blockchain world lacks quantified measurement criteria to evaluate blockchain applications, accounts, and various data on the chain. This deficiency has led to a huge gap between the ever-expanding scale of blockchain collaboration and the efficiency of such collaboration.

Yet, the blockchain world has a lot of data and assets worth waiting to be discovered. Due to the lack of measurement methods, real value ​​in many areas are difficult to discover, users have little direction to find what matters to them, and the growth of the space is hindered bottlenecks that are difficult to break through.

Development bottlenecks are especially felt in new blockchain domains such as native cross-chain transactions and data exchange, which are currently in a state of blindness. Moreover, the lack of a value measurement system is not conducive to the establishment of an effective incentive mechanism, and even produces some distorted incentives that are detrimental to long-term benign blockchain development.

Nebulas Rank confronts the problems of the current blockchain world and establish a value measurement standard based on truthfulness, fairness and diversity. It lays the foundation for the sound development of the blockchain world, and it may breed new breakthroughs in the industry as well as new incremental markets.

The Nebulas Foundation is composed of doctors in the fields of cryptography, computer science and blockchain. Follow-up will continue to release more technical research results. Please pay attention to Nebulas official website and look forward to the release of the Yellow Paper on June 30th.

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