Nebulas Researcher Dr. Congming CHEN — “Let Nebulas Fly Higher and Farther!”

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Aug 16, 2018 · 6 min read
Dr. Congming Chen — Nebulas chief architect

This article was originally published in Chinese and has been translated from it’s original source.


Up until just three short months ago, Dr. Chen, 31, was the project leader of a U.S mobile internet company, where he worked for the past four years. Today, after a bold step forward, he is the Chief Architect and Core Developer of Nebulas.

After learning about Nebulas, it took him just one day to examine his current employment and make a significant change to his professional life. Going from the “Internet” to “Blockchain” means he had to move past his previous achievements and explore a world of what many believe is uncertain. During this interview, Dr. Chen stated that “I’m interested in exploring the uncertainty” as he chose to embrace blockchain without hesitation.

While listening to Dr. Chen, he shares his opinion that the mainnet is the engine and core component of Nebulas and its ecosystem. He believes that the mainnet is of great importance to maintain consistent operation while still exploring ways to enhance and improve performance of this engine — and this is his sole focus for future work.

Dr. Chen, a sciences student who loves history

Dr. Chen was born in Wang’cheng in the Hunan Province of China. Wang’cheng literally means the “city of hope,” and it is also the hometown of Leifeng; a communist member who devoted his whole life to helping others. Every time Dr. Chen mentioned his hometown in this interview, he was full of pride.

When talking to Dr. Chen, it is clear that he has true wisdom as he remains composed at all times. People around him often describe him as a person who enjoys thinking. Staring into his eyes, behind his glasses, you can see his mind is full of deep thoughts.

As a child, he was especially fond of reading books, but unlike most children, his passion was to understand history. In his own words, “My hobbies are quite special.”

Hunan Province is a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe. For example, Tseng Kuo-fan of late Qing Dynasty, Shen Congwen and Mao Zedong of modern times are all outstanding representatives of the Hunan Province.

“If politics hadn’t been included in the college entrance exam, I might have chosen liberal arts,” said Dr. Chen. However, since he was not interested in simple memorization of facts, he chose science and he began his life learning about electronics and coding.

Computers rather than chemistry

Due to his disdain for politics, when Dr. Chen first attended college, his focus of study was chemistry. Shortly thereafter, he realized that chemistry was not his passion, and, as a result, he changed his major to Electronic Science and Technology.

After his college entrance examination, Dr. Chen initially wanted to study at Fudan University. However, Yunsheng XU, a teacher at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) came to Chen’s high school to promote enrollment. XU stated that USTC was not as prosperous as either Shanghai or Beijing colleges, however, it was a place where students could settle down and focus on study. Even after so many years, Dr. Chen still clearly remembers the words of his teacher, Xu.

Dr. Chen continues, “I preferred studying in a down to earth environment, so USTC was the best choice for me.” Initially, chemistry was part of his major study, but since he had no interest in that field, he changed his major to Electronic Science and Technology, which turned out to be an excellent fit for the young Dr. Chen. Later, he went to the Computer Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and began his research career.

Looking back on his study career, Dr. Chen expressed sincere gratitude for those years as they had a great influence on his knowledge, and he states that his undergraduate years strongly shaped his character.

A big decision

For the past four years, Dr. Chen worked as a founding member of a mobile internet startup. During those years, he witnessed the complete life cycle of the startup. At the very beginning, he worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dr. Chen worked on system architecture, application building and even product promotion. Only when he employed more team members did his focus change to research and development.

In 2017, some of his colleagues joined the blockchain industry. At that time, although he sensed the flow of talent to blockchain, as well as the opportunities in this new industry, it was clear to him that hype was more important than true value or development in blockchain.

Dr. Chen even stated “I advised my colleges not to work in blockchain because I was not familiar with it.”

However, on April 1, 2018, a former colleague introduced Dr. Chen to Hitters XU — the founder of Nebulas. They immediately had a strong connection and Hitters explained his philosophy of “what is blockchain” and “what is Nebulas,” as well as the long-term vision of Nebulas, and they even talked about Nebulas team members. After just one day of consideration, Dr. Chen decided to join Nebulas.

Dr. Chen has always believed that “AI is productivity and blockchain is production relation.” Blockchain may not have disruptive influence on the whole society, however, it will affect many industries.

“I’m optimistic about this industry in the long run,” he said.

If Dr. Chen chose to remain in his previous industry, his professional career would have been even more successful at this time. However, he realized that he would lose future opportunities.

Improve the performance of Nebulas

As Dr. Chen described, Nebulas is like a spaceship flying through the universe, and while the Nebulas mainnet is the engine, the development team provides the fuel for the spaceship.

As the chief architect and lead engineer of mainnet development, he knows all too well that he has to maintain a stable operation while improving the performance of this unique engine.

While Nebulas mainnet was released in March, 2018, it has been in stable operation for over 4 months. In this short period of time, Nebulas already has over 10,000 smart contracts, more than 230,000 accounts and over 6800 DApps.

Despite these impressive achievements, Dr. Chen said that he thinks Nebulas mainnet has much to improve. In fact, Nebulas has a long way to go to achieve three core visions; Nebulas Rank (NR), Nebulas Force (NF) and Nebulas Incentive (NI).

While he acknowledges that Nebulas mainnet is not bad from the technical point of view, success never comes from satisfaction. However, the blockchain industry changes very quickly, and if you do not move forward, you will get left behind.

Nebulas mainnet v1.0 Eagle Nebula was named after a famous celestial body in the universe and it is also a place where stars come into creation. Eagle Nebula means “the creation of life.” Nebulas mainnet v2.0 will have a significant leap in quality compared to the initial version.

In the future, Dr. Chen mentions that Nebulas mainnet will integrate Nebulas Rank (NR) and the power of Nebulas Force (NF).

“Currently we’re in tense testing of many features, but when the mainnet v2.0 is released, the Nebulas spaceship will fly higher and farther.” Chen added.

We will see you among the stars!

This article was originally published in Chinese and has been translated from it’s original source.
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Nebulas is an autonomous metanet.

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