Nebulas Testnet Upgrade Announcement

To all the Nebulas Testnet users:

We will launch our Nebulas mainnet on March 29th(UTC-07:00). We plan to reset the testnet system and upgrade it to the version which is the same as mainnet so that developers could conduct developments and testings under the same environment as our mainnet.

March 27th at 22:00 (UTC-07:00, San Francisco) / March 28th at 13:00 (UTC+08:00, Beijing).

Direct transition.


  1. Using a new address format that includes information about account types. Learn more here.
  2. Using RocksDB to store block data to improve the storage performance;
  3. Optimizing the whole testnet performance.

Nebulas Testnet Link:


  1. This testnet upgrade will not affect its normal use. During the upgrade, please refresh your page if it’s not responding.
  2. This upgrade will clean all testnet data, including test tokens and smart contracts. Please backup your data as needed.
  3. After the upgrade, we recommend you reinstall the Nebulas testnet and take the required steps to reinstate test tokens. Please see here for more details.

Our development team will keep working hard to optimize our testnet’s network performance, and strive for a convenient and efficient development environment.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:

Twitter: @nebulasio