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In line with the principle of openness and transparency, Nebulas believes the reserved community fund should be recognized by the community. The Nebulas Foundation is now collecting destruction and management plans from the community.

Community Fund Source: According to the Nebulas White Paper (2017), 35% (35,000,000 NAS) of the Nebulas NAS asset allocation is to be reserved for the community with a expected unlock date no earlier than June 23, 2019. According to the closing price of on August 25, 2019, the approximate value of this fund is $25,431,000 USDT.

The intention of securing NAS for the community: Nebulas is a self-governing network designed to be a self-evolving and self-motivating ecosystem. Nebulas’ future includes the building of ecosystem around decentralized collaboration with Smart Assets while retaining Nebulas’ vision: Let everyone benefit fairly from decentralized collaboration. During the founding of Nebulas, a large amount of Nebulas coin was reserved for the community and because Nebulas values ​​community construction we are willing to make more attempts at decentralized collaboration at a level rarely seen in the blockchain industry.

It is recommended that the utilization of community reserved assets to be used for ecosystem development or using via decentralized financial such as the dStaking tool of nextDAO to promote the development of the Nebulas economy.

How to participate: You can submit your own proposal on the platform as well as improving the proposal of others and incorporating new ideas.

Proposal requirements: Each submission needs to clearly describe the problem that the proposal can solve, the specific solution, the reason for the proposal and the goals that can be achieved.

Deadline for proposal submission: September 20, 2019

Selection method: The Nebulas Foundation will compile the proposal with high community support rates and together with the Foundation’s proposal, a ballot will be submitted to the community with on-chain voting being the final method.


First Prize: A reward of $2,000 USDT equivalent NAS will be given to the proposal that is selected via on-chain voting.

Participation Award: The finalists will receive a 100 NAS reward.

Additional notes:

  • If two proposals are similar, the proposal first submitted will be rewarded.
  • We expect for some proposals to based on the optimization of other proposals. The final plan may be the integration of multiple proposals. If this is the case, the original proposer and participants who improved the proposal will be rewarded.
  • The same proposal will not receive two awards.

Everyone is welcome to review proposals at and give a like to proposals they support as well as participating in an open discussion on the Nebulas Community Forum at

Nebulas Foundation
August 26, 2019

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
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Community Forum:
Instagram: nebulasio
Facebook: @nebulasproject
Twitter: @nebulasio


Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.


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Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.



Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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