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Nebulas Voyager — Launching March 30th!

On March 30th, Nebulas will celebrate it’s second anniversary of the launch of its first release of the Nebulas blockchain entitled Eagle Nebula. On this occasion, we will be releasing the latest version of Nebulas entitled Nebulas Voyager! Once released, Nebulas will be fully decentralized and the entire community will be able to participate in node operations and governance of the mainnet.

Nebulas Voyager is the most substantial upgrade of Nebula since the release of Nebulas NOVA which launched on December 31st, 2018. Voyager’s core upgrade is the Proof of Devotion (PoD) consensus mechanism. The PoD mechanism is built on the basis of the contribution size from the community and is a novel method for decentralized collaboration.

The PoD mechanism comprises two parts:

  • Consensus mechanism: Once PoD goes live, the Nebulas blockchain will be fully decentralized relying on the community for node operation.
  • Governance mechanism: The consensus nodes which produce the most blocks will be chosen to be governance nodes and will decide if proposals submitted on Go Nebulas will be approved and become active projects. All governance votes will utilize on-chain voting.

Nodes that have participated in the testnet program will be given the opportunity to be the first nodes to be operational on the new mainnet. In addition, other organizations and community members can register to be node operators via the node platform ( starting March 30th.

Upon Voyager’s release, the pledge NAS and NAX for nodes portal will be opened simultaneously. The nodes that complete the main network deployment and the required pledge amount will have the opportunity to participate in block generation and node ranking. Nodes that successfully generate blocks for an entire month will receive a block award of approximately 3,307 NAS to 9,920 NAS per month (based on node ranking position of 51 or greater for the month).

During each governance cycle (approximately 1 month), the top 51 nodes will be eligible to be governance nodes and participate in the decision making process of proposals and projects on the community collaboration platform via on-chain voting with NAX. For participating in the entire governance process, an additional 816 NAS governance award is distributed to each node.

Upon the release of Nebulas Voyager, the community will decide the fate of community proposals, community contributors will make the decisions, community construction, community organization, the process of decentralized collaboration, and organizing the contribution-based DAO.

Community members can propose their own ideas, add components to the Nebulas ecosystem or develop their own projects to realize their own ideas!

Community benefits are distributed from contributions in NAS based on support for community projects. The whole process is based on the process of on-chain governance, and is open and transparent.

Nebulas is an open community and we welcome all to join us in building a cooperative future with the Nebulas Foundation.

For more details on PoD node operation, please review for specific implementation with additional details and documentation being released next week. In the meantime, the node platform and collaboration platform will be updated on March 30th, 2020 — be sure to follow @nebulasio for additional details and the release of Nebulas Voyager!

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
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Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
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