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Nebulas Weekly AMA & Constructive Suggestions — August 6 to August 19

Dear Nebulers,

To better communicate with the community, Nebulas does a weekly question and answer session. The 10 questions that receive the most upvotes will be answered weekly. Below are the answers from our community Q & A session for August 6 to August 19. We are glad to have this opportunity to further hear what our community say and their valuable suggestions.

If you want to take part in the latest Q & A session, please click here.

Below are the questions highlighted in bold with the responses following:

Q: wolfershd

What is Nebulas’ plan to further reduce block times? Additionally, will Nebulas implement private transactions?

A: Research is ongoing to significantly reduce blocktime. Unlike other projects, we refuse to sacrifice decentralization and are looking for unique approaches to this problem. The Nebulas development roadmap does include private transactions after our primary objectives such as NR, NF and NI are complete.

Q: stevieyongieg

I read about Nebulas uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) in a different way with IOTA. My question is, can Nebulas scale the TPS linearly, that is, TPS increases when more users/nodes join the network?

A: Currently, Nebulas does not support linear TPS and DAG is only used for concurrent verification of transactions.

Q: nasneo

I want to know more about NitHub.

A: NitHub is an external project in development. NitHub has its own website, where you can learn more in the future.

Q: stevieyongieg

Beside Nebulas Rank and DIP, what are the other technical features being worked on by Nebulas team now?

A: Currently, we are focusing on our core development features. More details about Nebulas 2.0 will be announced in the near future.

Q: wolfershd

What can we expect to see within the next three months, six months, and twelve months?

A: Currently, our focus is on our core development and roadmap. And we are also incubating Atlas Protocol and putting more focus on Bitsclub Vision Program to introduce traditional business to blockchain.

Q: stevieyongieg

In whitepaper, it states that DApps can be migrated from Ethereum to Nebulas with zero migration cost. When will this be available ? What are the things that need to be done by developers ?

A: We want to make the experience as frictionless as possible. This includes tools to convert Solidity contracts to JavaScript. The developer will still need to migrate the data but we will offer practical guidelines to better assist them. A date for this feature is not yet available however development is in progress.

Q: stevieyongieg

When is Incentive Program Season 2?

A: Announcement for the Nebulas Incentive Program Season 2 will be coming soon. We reviewed the results of the previous season and are focusing on making the rules and requirements for season 2 to deliver high quality projects.

Q: XiconXw

Hello, I am a member of the Nebulas community. I love Nebulas. I believe in Nebulas. I love all the aspect of Nebulas. I only have one problem is that I can’t participate in the PoD because I am not a developer and I do not know anything about programming. But I still contribute to the project by holding my coin and sharing the project with my friends but I feel sorry that Nebulas Rank can’t rank this so I wish if you can rank that and change the rules of becoming a bookkeepers.

A: Thank you for your supporting! In the future, we will reduce the requirements for bookkeepers thereby giving the opportunity for everyday users to participate in the program. If you are a positive influence on the chain, you should be rewarded.

Q: xnxw8574

One suggestion: Nebulas strategy is to focus first on technology development and developer community building, and later on on marketing and visibility.

However, the growth of a developer community and community as a whole depends strongly on the visibility of the project when there are over thousand Blockchain projects/coins/tokens.

I think it’s a mistake to categorically avoid marketing and more visibility during the development stage. Look at EOS and Cardano. Even though there was/is no complete product they have focused on this all the time, and i’m sure that helped build developer and overall community.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you

A: This is a difficult situation due to our desire to create the perfect environment for user, developers and even traditional industry. Our focus is currently on our technological vision and while we achieve this vision, we will have programs such as Incentive Programs and Bounty Programs which introduces new developers and community members into the ecosystem. Beyond this, we do understand the need for a strong marketing campaign and we will focus on this once our tech is further in development.

Q: Johns3210

It makes no sense to delete old Nebulas news from the blog section of

A: The main Medium landing page does only show the most recent posts, however, the posts are still available for all to see and are indexed by search engines. To view them, simply click on the Nebulas logo at any time on the Medium blog or click here.

Q: stevieyongiegA

What is the update on Atlas Protocol ?

A: Atlas Protocol is progressing well through its development milestones and has recently received funding from SoftBank, Baidu Ventures and other investment firms. More information will come available shortly.

Q: stevieyongieg

Is Nebulas developing official desktop wallet client ? When will be the release date ?

A: At this time, we are not focusing on desktop wallet clients. Our current focus is on mobile wallet support and we do offer a web-wallet that is usable via all desktop web browsers. Currently, there are two desktop wallets developed by community members. For more information about them, visit this weekly report: Nebulas Weekly Report # 38

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