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Nebulas Weekly AMA & Constructive Suggestions — July 20 to July 29

Greetings Nebulers,
To better communicate with the community, Nebulas is doing a weekly question and answer session. The top 10 questions that receive the most upvotes will be answered weely. Below are the answers from our first Q & A session. We are glad to have this opportunity to further hear what our community has to say and their valuable suggestions.

If you want to take part in the latest Q&A session, please visit:

Below are the questions highlighted in bold with the responses following:

Q: wolfershd

From a previous comment on the Nebulas Incentive program, a suggestion I would like to make is rather than a lump sum award for an app, pay it out based on continued development and app traffic (with checks in place to make sure it is organic, legitimate traffic). This keeps “gold-rush” apps out and encourages projects with long-term goals and commitments.

That is a excellent suggestion and something we are considering during future incentive programs. We believe that it’s in the best interest of the community, ecosystem and even the developers to further assist them. This will allow them to sustain and grow their DApp to create something meaningful for the future.

Q: exeodius

As an investor and proponent of the Nebulas ecosystem, I have not found the reasoning behind the sudden turn and focus on blockchain gaming. I believe Nebulas’ most valuable tool that has not come to fruition yet, is its proposed cross chain dapp ranking. I would like to see interoperability and decentralization rolled out eventually.

Nebulas is working hard with many different partners in numerous sectors. And, yes we do see strong potential future growth in the gaming sector and blockchain. But fear not; Nebulas is being developed with the intention to work with industries of all types.

We are still working hard on our ranking algorithm and we recently released the Nebulas Rank(NR) yellow paper outlining further details. We plan by the end of this year to roll out NR and to start ranking applications on the Nebulas blockchain and in the future, beyond. Nebulas is still in its early stages of development and we want to focus on core components prior to focusing on interoperability and decentralization — but we will get there.

Q: sweet_pork_belly

Nebulas has many partnerships with new projects who aim to do an ico. deepcloud ai is one of them. Why aren’t they use the nebulas blockchain for their fundraising and projects instead of eth.

At this time, Nebulas partners are free to fund their project in any matter that they see fit. Currently, there are many more ETH holders and tokens available than NAS simply due to the fact that Ethereum is more established. Many NAS holders are still patiently awaiting future growth and are holding their valuable digital asset for a extended period. In the near future, we believe that Nebulas will be used for low and high profile project funding and development.

Q: han108

As a believer in the Nebulas platform, I’d like to see more care given to projects and the developers that make them, rather than treating them as commodities and as vanity metrics. Having “the most” dapps on your platform by giving away millions of dollars doesn’t mean anything if your coin and community loyalty is dramatically devalued in the process. It isn’t necessary to give away millions of dollars to “test” your rank algorithm, instead, “reward less” and teach your community to care by caring about them and their money — and by making better decisions. I’d even encourage a “community” voting mechanism for big decisions worth millions worth of NAS. Sloppy implementations where scammers can exploit your system and devalue your currency is “not” what we (the community) wants, and is not what a “stable” crypto market needs.

We truly do feel community developers are a huge component for the future of Nebulas. Without a active developer community Nebulas will have a difficult time growing and fully utilizing the platform. We do acknowledge that there are things we could have done better in the Incentive Program and we are striving to make improvements for the future. We hope that you will continue believing in us as we evolve. If you have not already done so, please read our open letter to the Nebulas community.

Q: datdupe

Let me start by saying this is a HUGE step forward when it comes to making the western Nebulas community feel more involved and heard from. We all really appreciate it.

Based on communications with other devs, it seems some people are having a hard time getting in contact with the team surrounding the developer bounties posted on the website. While I think the incentive program was a great concept, the rewards were too high just for the sake of spurring growth

My constructive suggestion is that the DIP rewards be drastically reduced, but the bounty rewards (ex, ledger support) be greatly increased. This will ensure that any Nebulas given out to developers has a substantial and long lasting impact on Nebulas instead of just enriching a dev who may or may not want to hold Nebulas long term

In future programs, we will look closer at the value we are putting on tasks and adjust accordingly. We do our best to reward bounties and contact the claimants. If you do not hear from a Nebulas team member after 7 days, please send a email to and we will look into your bounty. We hope to make many more bounty program and consider adjusting the bounties base on what type of impact it will have on the community.

Q: Common_Cents_Crypto

Is there any update on the token swap wallet function? I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t seem to be considered a priority. Why/how is it exchanges were able to swap, but holders can’t?

The token swap via wallet is of utmost priority for us at the moment. This feature is still in active development and as soon as it is released, we will notify our community on Twitter and Medium.

Q: nasneo

Is there any possibility of staking beyond bookkeeping? The idea with NEO and not having to sell and create your own assets to use for dApps and such is great. In the NANO wallet and others it says “gas is paid to miners”. What does this mean? So there are fees…I get that. But it’s not for miners. So, I guess a follow up would be where is this “gas” going? Thanks!

Nebulas will use bookkeeper nodes as the transaction validators and block minters — we call this Proof of Devotion(PoD). While we do not consider bookkeepers a stakeholder, there are similarities. This will be one way users will be incentivized but not the only. It will however be the way to “hold” tokens and be rewarded.

Gas fees will be paid to the bookkeeper nodes when we migrate to PoD. It is a further incentive for the bookkeepers. We can say that are exploring further ways to give incentives to more users on Nebulas.

Q: Tradebully

What is your strategic plans to have better marketing and liquidity? Is there a markting team from NAS? Will you be getting listed on more exchanges any time soon to have more liquidity? I only ask because compared to other coins in the market, given the time you guys had, NAS clearly lacked in these two category.

In addition, having only Gate and Huobi exchanges for token swap was not fair to investors from countries who were not able to use these exchanges for token swap. This process should have been well thought out. If NAS were only able to get two exchanges to do the token swap for their investors who were not even able to do it because of regulatory restrictions, then token swapping wallet should have been available to better service the needs of ALL investors.

We do understand the benefit of marketing and its importance in the future. The Nebulas blockchain is still in the early stages and we are focusing our efforts on the platform. One strong focus of ours is with making strong partnerships in the blockchain sector and many other sectors. We feel these partnerships will assist us with pushing Nebulas to other ecosystem and developers.

Once platform development is further along, Nebulas will further market the platform.

Nebulas is actively exploring additional exchanges. At this time, we cannot comment additionally on exchanges.

The token swap via wallet is a high priority project at the moment and is receiving a lot of attention from the developer team. As soon as it is released, we will notify our community on Twitter and Medium.

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