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Nebulas Weekly AMA & Constructive Suggestions — July 30 to August 6 2018

Greetings Nebulers,

To better communicate with the community, Nebulas does a weekly question and answer session. The 10 questions that receive the most upvotes will be answered weekly. Below are the answers from our community Q & A session for July 30 to August 6. We are glad to have this opportunity to further hear what our community has to say and their valuable suggestions.

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Below are the questions highlighted in bold with the responses following:

Q: wolfershd

Any reason for the halt in development across all repo’s? I understand that it’s only been a week, just curious as to what’s going on.

A: Currently, the Nebulas team is focused on the NAS nano wallet, token swap support and a significant upgrade to the block explorer and the development of the blockchain. Recently, we just pushed a upgrade to the blockchain that supports contract-to-contract integration and many more features are in development. Nebulas development is proceeding full speed ahead! Some of our branches and features are being developed via private repository.

Q: gengyanisme3e

Is hardware wallet support in progress ? If not, any timeline for hardware wallet support ?

A: Currently, Nebulas is not working on Ledger hardware support however, we do understand the importance of hardware support.

Q: lvwHOO

How many validators (bookkeepers) will Nebulas allow?

Although the most influential users will be rewarded the most by staking. I’d like to see the users without a high score have the ability to also become a validator just without as many rewards as the most influential users. Some people will just want to participate.

A: Nebulas is working on supporting thousands of bookkeepers on the network. When Nebulas is “community decentralized”, and public bookkeeper support is initially launched, the requirements will be higher to limit the number of public nodes. As the network proves reliable and efficient, we will support far more validators as well as reducing the minimum requirements. We will release more information about maximum number of validators in the future. Stay tuned.

Q: datdupe

Can I please have an attempt at a specific date or date range where we can expect to be able to swap our ERC20 off-exchange?

To me this is 100% the most important piece of dev work the team could be delivering — and it shouldn’t be a complex task either. The lack of this is causing stress in the community

A: The Nebulas developer team is working hard on token conversion via NAS nano. While we understand that the conversion process would have been easier to develop without mobile wallet support, we decided to focus our development process on this task. By integrating this feature into the mobile wallet now will allow for more exciting features in the future. At this time, we do not have a specific date for completion but we are nearing completion and testing.

Q: gengyanisme3e

Can you give us a timeline for supporting other smart contract languages ?

A: Nebulas will focus on support for many smart contract languages once LLVM integration is completed. We expect LLVM integration to be complete in Q4 of 2019 when Nebulas Force is expected to be released.

Q: nasneo

Any other staking options in the future to consider? What is this “gas paid to miners” notice on transactions in the nano wallet? Thank you!

A: Nebulas will use bookkeeper nodes as the transaction validators and block minters — we call this Proof of Devotion(PoD). While we do not consider bookkeepers a stakeholder, there are similarities. This will be one way users will be incentivized but not the only. It will however be the way to “hold” tokens and be rewarded.

Gas fees will be paid to the bookkeeper nodes when we migrate to PoD. It is a further incentive for the bookkeepers. We can say that are exploring further ways to give incentives to more users on Nebulas.

Q: stevieyongieg

Roadmap is very confusing. On official website,

2018 Q4: implement NR, mauve paper DIP

2019 Q4: PoD, NF

According to the recent AMA with lead core developer Roy Shang, he said “ By the end of this year, Nebulas will release the official Developer Incentive Program (DIP/NI) along with Proof of Devotion(PoD) “

Is the roadmap on nebulas official website correct and updated ? If not, can we have the latest roadmap ?

A: As of now, Proof of Devotion(PoD) is still slated for release in Q4 of 2019 however, Nebulas Rank(NR) is expected to be completed and released in Q4 of 2018. Proof of Devotion will require Nebulas Rank(NR) to be fully functional, accurate and operating as expected. Once Nebulas Rank is initially completed, it will take some time to adjust the algorithm and to confirm the validity of the results and this is the reason why we will not release PoD in 2018. We are sorry for the confusion.

For information on our roadmap, please refer to as it will be updated when more details are available.

Q: gengyanisme3e

How does Nebulas Rank (NR) allow average users (not developers) to participate in the selection of bookkeepers ? What do they need to do because they do not build applications ?

A: Nebulas Rank will look at “meaningful” transactions on the network, evaluate a address and give it a overall rank. While addresses that are in constant use such as ones that interact with DApps will receive a higher rank, quality users will also qualify to be bookkeepers as well. Initially, the requirements for a bookkeeper will be high but once PoD is verified to be accurate and functioning as expected, the requirements will be reduced to allow many bookkeepers. To be a bookkeeper, a user will need to meet requirements such as a relatively high Nebulas Rank, locking of some tokens and hardware requirements to run the node.

Q: gengyanisme3e

Is official desktop wallet support in progress ? If not, any timeline for official desktop wallet support ?

A: As of this time, the Nebulas team is not developing a independent desktop wallet. As of now, we have wallet support via our GUI web-wallet and it is functional for all operating systems such as Windows, MacOs and Linux desktops. As of now, community has created two desktop wallets. To learn more about them, please visit our medium post at:

Q: gengyanisme3e

When is the plan to improve nebulas blockchain explorer ? right now the user interface and user experience is not good. Can we have other features like night mode ?

A: The Nebulas team is in the process of developing a all-new explorer with many new features and we anticipate the new explorer to be released soon.

Learn more about Nebulas:

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Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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