Nebulas Weekly Report #1 Oct 16th 2017


Nebulas Weekly Report 
#1 Oct 16th 2017

Welcome to the #1 of Nebulas Weekly Report, weekly published report delivering developments in Nebulas projects.
Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by Nebulas Developer Team.
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THIS WEEK’S News and Reports

Nebulas became the official organizer of #BlockShowAsia ( held in Singapore on November 29–30. It’s one of the most important blockchain summits in Asia, it’s powered by famous media The Cointelegraph. And it’s our pleasure, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu ( Yiji Xu ) will be the speaker on this summit. You can join it and get more details about Nebulas, we are waiting for you.

THIS WEEK’S Top commits

Go-Nebulas commits
We are now in development of 0.2.0, implemented key blockchain modules, including blockchain core, P2P network, blocks synchronization, account manager, RPC server.


  • Use neblet to manage service lifecycle and dependencies.
  • Add global configuration.


  • Implement transaction pool as a priority deque to handle all received transactions.
  • Add more helper functions in blockchain core.
  • Use Google Protocol Buffer as universal serialization mechanism.

P2P network

  • Implement new P2P network components, with neighbor discovery, message broadcast and relay, and message subscription mechanism.
  • Define a wire protocols of nebulas message.


  • Support full sync mode, new neb client can join network at anytime and sync blocks from any previous block.

Account Manager

  • KeyStore now support time lock functionality to protect private key.
  • Support bitcoin’s ecdsa signature library.
  • Support loading KeyStore file of ethereum.


  • Add RPC server and client.
  • Provide new GetAccountState and SendTransaction api.


  • Add uint128 type. Token values are represented in this type.

In this week, we also started some prototype work for NVM design. A demo execution engine is added to feature/nvm branch.

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