Nebulas Weekly Report #10 Dec 25, 2017

Welcome to the #10 of Nebulas Weekly Report!

Delivering developments of Nebulas project. 
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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢ Pre-sale Completed Ahead of Schedule, NAS Trading Resumed

By 00:00am EST, December 16 we had hit the hard cap of USD 60 million, closing the pre-sale ahead of schedule.

NAS has been listed on,,, and will be listed on Huobi, Allcoin, with potentially many more major exchanges to come.

◢ Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong Present at CIE Seminar

On December 20th, Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), a China institute founded in 1962 with over 100,000 individual members and over 600 corporate members, held a blockchain seminar, with industry experts across the country present. Nebulas CTO Bobin Zhong was one of the speakers. He shared his insights on the challenges, opportunities of the application of blockchain technology across different industries and reviewed the current landscape of the blockchain industry as a whole.

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THIS WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week we contintued to improve the stability of Nebulas, making final preparation for our testnet launch at the end of December. Besides, we improved the test case of DPoS consensus algorithm, updated block reward and block pool logic. At the same time, we adjusted the network routing strategy to prevent network splitting. We also updated the test framework, improved test cases, and facilitated integration testing with developers and users.

Summary this week is as follows,


  • Implemented the test case for DPoS consensus algorithm.
  • Updated gas value for data storage.
  • Trigger event for transaction execution result.


  • Added more RPC interface.


  • Updated network policy to ensure the route table does not remove the seed node.
  • Added networkID to support network fragmentation.
  • Updated new version of libp2p library.
  • Optimized code struct.


  • Updated log file configuration and sharding logic.


  • Updated the framework’s network connection and node boot configuration.
  • Added test cases for mining and RPC transaction.
  • Added gRPC support in nebtestkit.


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