Nebulas Weekly Report #11 Jan 8th, 2018

Welcome to the #11 of Nebulas Weekly Report!

Delivering developments of Nebulas project. 
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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢ Nebulas Testnet Upgraded

On December 31st, Nebulas launched its testnet. During the last week, we made continuous upgrades. Before the mainnet release due at the end of Q1, 2018, Nebulas will present many more functions through continuous upgrades, including exclusive wallet, exclusive block browser.

Nebulas is on fast track now. We look forward to more talents across the world to join us in creating the next generation blockchain. Learn more about career opportunities at Nebulas here.

◢ Nebulas Overseas Community Quickly Growing

With its basic structure of next generation blockchain system is in place, more users and developers can have a better idea of Nebulas. The size of Nebulas community has also been growing rapidly.

The number of Nebulas Twitter account followers surpassed that of Telegram for the very first time. By 12:30pm, January 8th, EST, Nebulas Twitter account followers exceeded 6,140, over 5,100 of the new followers were acquired after the testnet launch. The past week of the New Year holiday week is a typical period of low online traffic. But Nebulas Twitter account visits totalled over 600,000, with a maximum conversion rate of over 3.45%. And the top tweet earned 46,000 impressions and over 1,100 clicks. The members of English Telegram group also reached 5,339 people, another 6-fold growth from before the testnet launch.

∆ Twitter visits of last week

Despite being a very young project, Nebulas is getting a lot of support and attention from the community. There are lively discussions among community members about the technology and future of Nebulas on social media platforms including Twitter, Telegram and Reddit.

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For technological questions related to the testnet, please join our slack at and choose channel “#developers”.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

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Last week we were excited to have released our first official Nebulas Testnet(for tutorials please click here). This week we focused on improving the stability, usability and readability of Nebulas based on the running status of our testnet. We built an information dashboard to monitor the stability and performance of Nebulas Testnet. Besides, we refined the logging strategy to make what happened in Neb more clear to developers. At the same time, crash reporter is added into Neb to collect crash logs for us in Testnet. What’s more, we refactored the network component to improve its stability and readability.

Summary this week is as follows:


  • Real-time running status panel, show the liveness of all official nodes.
  • Real-time tail block panel, show the height and hash of tail block in all official nodes.
  • Real-time network packages in/out panel, show the packages sent/received in all official nodes.
  • Real-time tx execution panel, show tx execution failure/success in all official nodes.
  • More metrics collected in Neb.


  • Added console log(CLog), print logs to console & log files both and help developers to know what’s happening in Neb.
  • Added verbose log(VLog), print logs to log files and help devs to know how Neb works in details.

Crash Reporter

  • Support to upload crash logs.


  • Added route table persistence strategy.
  • Improved strategy to process tcp packet splicing.
  • Refactored code.


  • Added Local Nodes to run test cases in the local.
  • Added Testnet Nodes to run test cases in Testnet.


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