Nebulas Weekly Report #12 Jan. 15, 2018

Welcome to the #12 of Nebulas Weekly Report!

Delivering developments of Nebulas project. 
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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢ Nebulas Community Quickly Growing

The number of Nebulas Telegram members has been increasing quickly since the release of Testnet. Last week also witnessed the creation of Nebulas Russian Telegram groups ( ), which has been expanding quickly.

A lot of the community members have offered to help in building our community as volunteer moderators. We really appreciate your support. Apart from volunteer moderators, we are hiring talents from across the world for our Beijing office. To learn more please visit here.

◢Hitters Present at the Blockchain Meetup of The Economist China Readers Club

On January 13th, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu was invited as one of the panelists at the blockchain meetup of Economist China Readers Club and shared his insights in the future of blockchain with many industry influencers. Other panelists included the Managing Director of the Economist Global Business Review Wu Chen, Gingko CEO & President Zuo Peng and Co-founder of HQ Finance Ni Yabo.

The two panels of this meetup addresses two of the most-discussed topics: whether the year of 2018 will see the massive application of the blockchain technology, and how to understand the current blockchain bubble.

In terms of the first question, Hitters Xu believes that the application of any technology is a gradual process. The mass application of the blockchain technology is always a quantitative change resulting from accumulated qualitative change. What’s more, Hitters pointed out that people seem to have misunderstandings about the “killer app” of blockchain in that they think it must bring value to traditional industries as a tool. However, Hitters believes that public chain represents a fundamentally different way of thinking.

“Ask not what blockchain can do for you, ask what you can do for blockchain.”

Hitters also expressed his concern of the bubble in the blockchain industry. He said the bubble is reminiscent of the dot-com around 2000.

“If the bubble begins to burst before the blockchain technology makes any substantial breakthroughs, it will be a devastating to the industry. So it is of great importance that blockchain technology makes technological breakthroughs before the bubble bursts down.”

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week we continued to focus on improving the stability of our Testnet. In fact we found some bugs through our information dashboard and we fixed them. We’ve done some performance optimizations on the P2P network including: stability, readability, and redesigned the logic of block synchronous.

The summary this week is as follows,


  • Refactor code structure.
  • Added stream for single connection management.
  • Added streamManager for connections management.
  • Implemented priority message chain.


  • Added new sync logic, using chunk with header hash to boost the sync performance.


  • Added a running status page for our Testnet.
  • Code review.


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