Nebulas Weekly Report #13 Jan 22, 2018

Welcome to the #13 of Nebulas Weekly Report!

Delivering developments of Nebulas project.
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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢ Nebulas Released Its #1 AMA Video

Nebulas is by the community and for the community. To help community members learn more about Nebulas and the blockchain industry, now Nebulas has decided to launch a series of AMA (Ask Me Anything) videos. These videos will be produced by Nebulas team. And we will invite core members of Nebulas, Nebulas partners, influencers of the blockchain industry as well as active community members to discuss the development and blockchain industry.
Last week we finished our the first AMA video, in which the co-founder and CTO of Nebulas answered questions about the testnet. Please click here for the video.

◢ Nebulas Davos and Silicon Valley Trips

The core members of Nebulas will attend and hold a series of public and non-public activities in Davos and Silicon Valley in late January. During the weekend, Hitters Xu, the founder of Nebulas has left for Davos to attend GBBC Blockchain Central event. In the meantime, core members of the Beijing tech team have also left for Silicon Valley, where Nebulas will participate and host several events in the coming week. Nebulas team will have discussions around technology with the Silicon Valley developer community.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week, our main job was to enhance Testnet’s stability and performance.

We fixed some issues with the synchronization module, added tags at the end of synchronization, and added duplicate checks for the chunk header. Adjusted the synchronous retry logic to ensure that the current tail node is consistent during the first synchronization retry. We improved the network synchronization performance by changing the returned data from the block’s complete information to a block hash in the synchronization interface, reducing the amount of network request data. When getting chunk information, added quick exit mechanism if most returned zero chunk header,

In addition, we have made compatibility adjustments to transaction data, serialized upgrades and compatibility with binary-type transaction payloads. We have standardized log printing and adjusted it accordingly, adding more metrics to do performance statistics.

At the same time, we have completed the JavaScript version of the address and transaction generation code, for the future web version of Nebulas official wallet to use.

The summary of last week is as follows:

Neblet testnet

  • Fixed synchronization bugs & improved the performance


  • Made compatibility adjustment for transaction data


  • Adjusted the synchronization parameters of routing table
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Added the chunk header duplication detect
  • Adjusted the synchronous retry logic and increased the timeout configuration
  • Fixed bugs in synchronization and added more metrics statistics


  • Refactored log printing and completed project log adjustment


  • Completed the generation code of address and transaction in JavaScript
  • Started developing the Nebulas official wallet


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