Nebulas Weekly Report #14 Jan 29, 2018

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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢ Nebulas Got the Blockchain Excellence Award @Davos

Nebulas was awarded the Blockchain Excellence Award CBARC(China Blockchain Application Research Center) at Davos, representing its innovative contribution to the community. Nebulas represents the frontier of innovation in China’s blockchain industry. As one of the directors of the CBARC, Nebula has provided tremendous technical support for the research center’s scientific research.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu accepting the award

Besides, Xu made a speech at Davos where he first illustrated the idea of “Yes, We Believe!” and called for more believers to contribute to the community. This new company philosophy showed Nebulas’ belief to promote social equality and change our future using technology.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu making the speech

Xu and the team also met with blockchain insiders including GBBC(Global Blockchain Business Council) CEO Jamie Smith and President of CBARC Di Deng at Davos. Xu talked with some community supporters of Nebulas. A Russian community member even drove all the way for 6 hours to meet the Nebulas team.

◢ Nebulas’ Trip to Silicon Valley

Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong and the tech team visited Silicon Valley last week. They first went to UC Berkeley on January 24th and shared insights with members of Blockchain at Berkeley, a student-run organization at UC Berkeley dedicated to serving the Berkeley and greater East Bay crypto and blockchain communities.

Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong talking with members of Blockchain at Berkeley

On the next day, Zhong made a tech talk at Facebook about blockchain industry’s problems, solutions and Nebulas’ future plan. He also talked individually with enthusiastic engineers at Facebook about how Nebulas aimed to solve the three urgent needs in Blockchain industry.

Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong @Facebook

On January 26th., Nebulas attended the first Blockchain Connect Conference at San Francisco and talked with famous scholars, entrepreneurs, investors and developers there about Nebulas’ visions and progress.

◢ Nebulas Released Its #1 AMA Video

Nebulas released its first AMA video where Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong illustrated Nebulas testnet’s significance, application and future planning. Nebulas will publish more AMA videos in the future.

◢ Nebulas’ Official Gifts Made Their First Debut

Nebulas’ hoodies and T-shirts made their first debut to community members. They were very popular among the community members. Nebulas will award hoodies, T-shirts, stickers and posters to active community members in the future. On January 30th Nebulas will have its first meetup in Silicon Valley. Come and get free Nebulas T-shirts, stickers and posters!

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week, we also focused on enhancing the stability and performance of Nebulas. More metrics, including CPU & memory metrics, are added to our testnet dashboard. These various metrics can help us check the stability & performance of Nebulas in all kinds of aspects, including network stability, blocks & transactions verification performance, consensus stability and so on. What’s more, the explorer and wallet of Nebulas are under development this week. We are really excited to try the demo soon.

Summary this week is as follows:


  • Improved performance in memory consumption;
  • Added more performance metrics;
  • Fixed some bugs;


  • Improved performance of mining;
  • Improved stability of mining;


  • Improved logging performance;


  • Added more APIs.


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