Nebulas Weekly Report #16

Welcome to the #16 of Nebulas Weekly Report! Delivering developments of Nebulas project. Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or @nebulasio on Twitter.

LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢Nebulas is Holding an Online Reddit AMA

Nebulas will hold an online Reddit AMA on February 24th at 3pm (UTC-08:00, PST, February 25th at 7am Beijing time). Nebulas comes from the community and serves in the community. To further Nebulas’ understanding of the community and to call for more believers, Nebulas decides to hold this AMA. Community members interested in the event can ask questions on Reddit and upvote/downvote according to their interests. Questions with more upvotes will be answered first.

Live Reddit AMA poster

◢Nebulas Released Its #3 AMA Video

Last week Nebulas published its third AMA video in which Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong illustrated on the general tech questions of Nebulas, including the differences between Nebulas and Ethereum, the functions of Nebulas tokens and how average users can participate in Nebulas.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

At the beginning of last week, we released Go-Nebulas 0.6.0. In this version, we focus on the performance and stability of Go-Nebulas. Network module is totally refactored and message priority policy is implemented to make sure our canonical chain can grow stably facing the common ddos attack. Merkle trie of blocks, which is designed for fast verification, is used to optimize the performance of synchronization and reduce the network packets. What’s more, a lot of bugs that will lead to chain fork are found in stress test and fixed in Go-Nebulas 0.6.0. This update makes us more confident about Go-Nebulas. Base on Nebulas 0.6.0, we are continuing to do more integrated testing to find more bugs in the rest of last week.

Summary this week is as following,


  • Fixed bugs: in GasUsed, tail block should be used after cloning a new one.


  • Fixed bugs: redundant rollback should be removed when the execution of tx’s payload failed
  • Design concurrent transactions packing & verification for performance.
  • Optimized merkle trie for performance: update in memory and commit changes to disk.


  • Added rpc max concurrent connection limit.
  • Added stream max concurrent connection limit.


  • Added preprocessed smart contracts cache for performance


  • Added script to do stress testing on testnet regularly.
  • Added more test cases.

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