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Nebulas Weekly Report #18

Welcome to the #18 of Nebulas Weekly Report! Delivering developments of Nebulas project. Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or @nebulasio on Twitter.

LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

Nebulas First Reddit AMA Comes to a Successful Conclusion

To further Nebulas’ understanding of the community and to call for more believers, Nebulas held an online Reddit AMA on February 24th at 3pm (UTC-08:00, PST, February 25th at 7am Beijing time). This online Reddit AMA lasted for two hours and community members were very enthusiastic. More than 2400 people participated this online Reddit and they raised about 100 questions. Nebulas founder Hitters Xu answered some hot questions and gained support from the community. We will release the full version of this online Reddit AMA soon. Later we will also launch online Tech-AMA, please stay tuned!

Nebulas Writing Contest Rounded Off

∆ from Believer Muke’s post

Nebulas Blockchain Writing Contest rounded off at early morning on February 20 (Beijing time). All of the authors received hoodies rewards and the authors of top quality articles received NAS rewards. The winner list was announced on Twitter on the day. The two-week writing competition received a total of more than 40 contributions, nearly 100,000 views, thousands of comments and was hot on many social media.

∆ Winner SilverLinings’ article “The Beauty of Nebulas (NAS)”: 24k claps & 89 comments

Happy to find that our community members closely follow us and appreciate our principle. Apart from introducing their own experience, many of them carefully read Nebulas tech white paper, for example Jeffrey, the author of the most supported Chinese essay, explained that he has read our white paper for several times before gaining some understanding. They use their own language even vivid pictures to introduce Nebulas tech-principle highlights to more people.

Community members see more on Nebulas, not just the decentralized search framework, but more values such as the essential parts of Nebulas Rank in exploring new value dimension, the construction of blockchain ecosystem of positive feedback incentives. What’s more, PoD consensus mechanism and Developer Incentive Protocol(DIP) also catch many eyes. Particularly, The Beauty of Nebulas, authored by the champion SilverLinings (@ SilverLings71), compared the features of various consensus mechanisms through detailed personal research and illustrated a whole picture of the Nebulas ecology in his understanding. Other authors mentioned Nebulas ability of self-evolvement, for example, Maarten DQ (@Royalasgard) writes that Nebulas is an organism.

∆ Highlight of “The Beauty of Nebulas (NAS)”

This writing contest is our very first step to interact with community members. Later we will launch more such activities. Hope you can enjoy and actively involved in it. Nebulas believers, let’s go hand in hand!

Sharing with you some amazing articles:

@SilverLinings71#The Beauty of Nebulas (NAS) (resent)
@OctavianFeodot#NEBULAS, I choose you
@RohanNPatil#Yes, we believe!
@Luke_Nangle16#Nebulas- Blockchain Writing Contest
@KneeCocoa#Nebulas– — Fear is Cryptonite
@jofee3#Nabulas, a new foundation for blockchain technology (Chinese)

Later we will repost more good articles on Chinese blog, stay tuned!

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week, our work is focused on concurrent packaging and validation implementations. We implemented a directed acyclic graph (DAG), which records transactions on this DAG and validates these transactions on the basis of their dependencies. We also implemented a state of the world in which all state information, such as accounts and events in the block, is put into the state of the world. At the same time, the data records and change logs are adjusted to ensure the consistency of data during concurrent execution. In addition, this week we also combed through the execution and validation conditions of the transaction, organize the transaction test case plan before the main network.

Summary this week is as following:


  • A directed acyclic graph (DAG) is implemented to record transactions and validate.
  • A state of the world is realized, and all status information such as accounts and events in the block is put into this world state to facilitate the change of management status.
  • Adjust the records of data and change logs to ensure consistency of data during concurrent execution.


  • The execution verification condition of the transaction is sorted out, and the transaction execution document is improved to the wiki;
  • Complete the transaction test cases plan before the main network is launched.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:

Twitter: @nebulasio



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