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Nebulas Weekly Report #19

Welcome to the #19 of Nebulas Weekly Report! Delivering developments of Nebulas project. Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or @nebulasio on Twitter.

LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

Nebulas enters strategic partnership with Dolphin Browser

Nebulas’ Upcoming Cooperation with Dolphin Browser.

Nebulas will start a strategic partnership with the world’s leading mobile browser Dolphin Browser whereby Dolphin Browser will add both the Nebulas blockchain and search framework. Working with Dolphin Browser, Nebulas will be incorporated to an over 200 million user-group spanning 130 countries. Besides, Nebulas will help developers using Nebulas Rank as a core searching engine directly into their own apps. Through this strategic partnership both Nebulas and Dolphin Browser will continue to work in achieving consensus in reducing difficulties associated with both DApp development and marketing DApps to end users.

Nebulas Global Tour officially kicked off

Nebulas’ 2018 Global Tour.

Nebulas Global Tour officially kicked off on February 28. UC Berkeley was our first stop, where Nebulas founder and CEO Hitters Xu gave a speech themed “Thinking in Blockchain”. Nebulas team also attended Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Festival in Santa Clara and 2018 Asia Business Conference in Harvard Business School. Later on, Nebulas team will also visit many world famous universities and attend some top-notch tech summits in cities all over North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Here are some upcoming stops of the tour (all in local time):

(1) Mar 7: Cornell University Tech Meetup, click here to register

(2) Mar 8: New York Artificial Intelligence Meetup, click here to register

(3) Mar 13: “What’s Happening in the Blockchain” Conference in Sydney, click here to register

Nebulas held a “Thinking in Blockchain” meetup @UCBerkeley

Nebulas’ Thinking in Blockchain meetup @UCBerkeley.

Nebulas team held a meetup at UCBerkeley on the night of Feb. 28th. The topic of this meetup is “Thinking in Blockchain”. Nebulas founder Hitters Xu illustrated his understanding of blockchain, put forward the idea of “Blockchain Thinking” and claimed native incentives to be the primary driving force of blockchain evolution. More than 150 people attended this event including students, alumni and community members at UCBerkeley. Nebulas team have received many great feedbacks after the event.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu made a speech at 2018 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival

Hitters making a speech about blockchain thinking.

Nebulas founder and CEO Hitters Xu was invited to make a speech as a keynote speaker at the 2018 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival in Santa Clara. Local politicians, investors, incubators, companies and medias all attended the event.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu Made a Speech at Harvard Business School

Hitters as in the conference a panelist.

Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu was invited to attend 2018 Asia Business Conference @ Harvard Business School as a panelist. The topic of this conference is “Asia at a Turning Point”. Hitters made a speech about blockchain thinking as a panelist for “Building the Next Generation of Asian Tech Globals: Is Asia Closing the Gap on Silicon Valley” group panel. More than 350 scholars and entrepreneurs in areas such as business, technology, policy, law and design attended the event.

Nebulas released the Reddit AMA recap

Reddit AMA Recap released.

Nebulas first official Reddit AMA ended on Feb.25th. We released the full recap version of this Reddit AMA upon community members’ request. We will soon start an Tech-AMA after the mainnet launch, please stay tuned!

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week, we implemented concurrent transactions packing & verification in PEE branch. We record transactions based on their dependencies on a directed acyclic graph (DAG), and then verify these transactions based on this DAG. We implemented MVCCDB to support the concurrent transactions packing. In addition, We also did the first round of comprehensive testing based on our testnet, includes execution of transactions, deployment and invocation of smart contracts, and parameters validation of RPC interface.

Summary this week is as following,


  • Implemented concurrent transactions packing & verification;
  • Implemented mvccdb to support the concurrent transactions packing;


  • Perfected transaction and smart contract testing;
  • Added rpc test cases;


  • Released go-nebulas v0.6.1(Fixed the problem caused by the change of the block storage structure).

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:

Twitter: @nebulasio



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