Nebulas Weekly Report #2 Oct 30th 2017

Nebulas Weekly Report
#2 Oct 30, 2017

Welcome to the #2 of Nebulas Weekly Report, weekly published report delivering developments in Nebulas projects. 
Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by Nebulas Developer Team.
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THIS WEEK’S News and Reports

Singapore Finetech Festival

Singapore Fintech Festival
November 13–17, 2017, Singapore

Nebulas is sponsoring Singapore Fintech Festival. This festival will bring together the global financial community in a week-long celebration of FinTech. Last year, there were “3 conferences, 100+ renowned speakers and panellists, 7000+ attendees”.

Nebulas founder, Hitters Xu will be speaking at this festival on Nov 15. Follow this blog and our twitter(@nebulasio) for future updates.

Learn more:

You can also meet our founder at BlockShow Asia 2017 which will hold in Singapore on November 29–30.

Welcome to Singapore.

THIS WEEK’S Top commits

Go-Nebulas commits

We are very pleased that the development of Nebulas v0.3.0 started this week. In this version, we will focus on smart contract creation & execution in nvm. New commits about nvm in this week are still on feature/nvm branch now as follows,


  • Implemented Protocol Code execution engine, based on LLVM.
  • Implemented Smart Contract execution engine, based on Chrome V8.Developers can use TypeScript/JavaScript to write smart contracts.

At the same time, we are constantly improving the go-nebulas on develop branch:


  • Implemented Batch Tree to process batch task in merkle tree, support begin, commit & rollback operations.
  • Implemented Iterator for merkle trie to traverse leaf nodes in a trie, support traversing a trie with a given key prefix.

P2P network

  • Refactor NetService & SyncManager.
  • Implemented message relay strategy.


  • Implemented DiskStorage based on LevelDB, supporting cache & bloom filter for fast read.


  • Added new GetNebState API to monitor the state of neblet node.

Account Manager

  • Implemented key file Import & Export operations.

Command Line

  • Provided account command to manage accounts in command line.

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