Nebulas Weekly Report #21

Welcome to the #21 of Nebulas Weekly Report! Delivering developments of Nebulas project. Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or @nebulasio on Twitter.

LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

Nebulas set the launch date for its Mainnet 1.0

Nebulas SF HQ grand opening and mainnet launch celebration.

Nebulas team announced the launch of Mainnet 1.0 will be on Mar. 29th. while we hold the opening ceremony for our new global headquarter. The Nebulas Mainnet launch is a giant step towards achieving our vision: to distribute the future evenly. Nebulas plans to continue to execute on our roadmap and demonstrate to the entire crypto and tech community that this Nebulas ecosystem is here to stay and flourish.

Nebulas explorer launched

Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong tweeted for Nebulas explorer.

Nebulas launched its first blockchain explorer on Mar. 15th. At present, users can view information about blocks, addresses, and transactions on the Nebulas blockchain. To further improve this newly launched explorer, Nebulas team is reaching out to the community and hoping for all competent members to give suggestions so we can build a convenient, fully-functional blockchain explorer together.

Feel free to reach out to us on Slack at and leave your feedback on the developer channel. Our explorer is at .
Please visit to view the source code.

Nebulas held a Sydney Meetup

Nebulas meetup at Sydney with bitfwd.

Nebulas team held a Sydney meetup with bitfwd (a blockchain community based in Sydney) on the night of Mar. 12th. Head of Nebulas Labs Duran Liu made a speech about “What’s Happening in the Blockchain” in this meetup, introducing Nebulas’ current development and the possible future development of the blockchain industry. He also called for more supportive community members to join us so Nebulas can ultimately build an n-dimensional blockchain ecosystem.

As the head of Nebulas Labs, Duran Liu announced that Nebulas will launch Nebulas Labs the day we launch our Mainnet 1.0 too.

In short, Nebulas Lab is like a accelerator and an incubator to help kick-start new projects/DApps that could do ICO on Nebulas platform. Nebulas team can provide technical support, financial support, blockchain business planning support and community based support to assist these projects in technology, community-building and ecosystem-constructing. Nebulas Lab is creating a win-win situation for the blockchain industry and will be a great step towards achieving our vision.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week, we focused on code Review, security checks, and performance improvements in PEE branch.

We reviewed the modules of core(blockchain struct) and NVM(contract execution), added code parameter security check and optimize some code implementation. Review the execution logic of the contract to ensure the safe execution of the contract and prevent the injection attack. At the same time, we also added more test cases to the PEE branch, found and fixed some bugs in MVCCDB and DAG. The database uses rocksdb to replace the leveldb currently in use, with a significant performance improvement. We discussed a more reasonable way of generating address generation, which is to shorten the length of code while carrying the address type information.

Details as follow,


  • Perform integration tests on concurrent versions of transactions and fix some of the problems found in the tests;
  • Test concurrent versions of normal transactions and contract transactions performance;
  • Use rocksdb to replace current leveldb to improve storage performance;

Code Review:

  • Code review of module core, add security check, optimize some code;
  • Code review of the contract execution module NVM, use interfaces to limit unnecessary function calls, optimize functional code, and discuss possible security issues;
  • Discuss a more reasonable way of address generation is nebulas;
  • Discuss using the same return format for the RPC interface;


  • Perform stress tests and integration tests on the test network periodically to test network stability.

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