Nebulas Weekly Report #22

Welcome to the #22 of Nebulas Weekly Report! Delivering developments of Nebulas project. Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or @nebulasio on Twitter.

LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

Nebulas held an online Tech Reddit AMA

Reddit Tech AMA time zone map.

We will launch our Mainnet 1.0 on March 29th. To introduce the technical improvements of the Mainnet 1.0 and to better communicate with our community, we held a Tech Reddit AMA today at 8 AM. Nebulas co-founder Robin Zhong answered tech questions online.

Besides carrying the basic functions of main current blockchain system, our upcoming Nebulas Mainnet V1.0 focus on optimizing blockchain infrastructure which makes Nebulas developer-friendly and ready to application layer based on Nebulas chain in the future.

Nebulas held a Tokyo Meetup

Hitters introducing himself at the meetup.

Nebulas held a meetup in Tokyo on March 23. The theme of this meetup was “Thinking in Blockchain”. Hitters Xu, Founder of Nebulas, attended this event and delivered a keynote speech. Hitters talked about the development of Nebulas, mentioned the development of blockchain in China, expounded his understanding of “Thinking in Blockchain”, and introduced to the Japanese community the positive feedback incentives based on value measurement formed by NR, PoD, and DIP.

Hitters also discussed the future development of the blockchain with Japanese community members. As a solid blockchain believer, Hitters said that the blockchain is likely to lead the next Internet revolution. He called on the Japanese community to work together with Nebulas to build Nebulas ecosystem.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Last week, we focused on the final version of the mainnet, including repeated Code Review, security checks, and continuous testing. We’re ready now.

Details as follow,


  • Refactored some core codes to make them clear;
  • Fixed some bugs, added more boundary test cases and security checks;
  • Stabilized the PEE branch and successfully merged into the develop branch;
  • Optimized RPC response format, make it easy to be parsed and extended;
  • Optimized Address encode/decode scheme to carry more information;
  • Added type to distinguish smart contract accounts and non-contract accounts;
  • Fixed the initial letter with a lowercase ’n’, representing ‘nebulas’;

Code Review

  • Finished multiple rounds of review of core codes for security and stability;
  • Fixed a memory leak issue caused by WorldState’s Replay;
  • Ensured that Account Manager is thread safe and optimized the lock level;
  • Optimized the verification of transactions to provide more feedback for improving user experience;
  • Optimized the simulation execution of transactions to facilitate users to test the execution result of transactions;
  • Added multi-layer protection to avoid the builtin functions are redefined in NVM;


  • Added more test cases to cover a variety of boundary tests to ensure the accuracy of changes on WorldState.
  • Deployed multiple internal test environments to conduct 24-hour functional tests and stress tests.

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