Nebulas Weekly Report #24

Welcome to the #24 of Nebulas Weekly Report! Delivering developments of Nebulas project. Nebulas Weekly Report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or @nebulasio on Twitter.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

After launching our mainnet, we are delighted to see more developers and users join our community! To welcome new community members more seamlessly, we’ve taken steps to become more developer- and user-friendly.

To start off, we reframed the Go-Nebulas installation document and updated mainnet-related content on the Nebulas wiki page on Github. We are are collecting popular questions from our developers community, which we plan to update in the wiki FAQ.

Along with developers, we’re also working to cater more to the preferences of everyday users. For this, we’ve added a new tech column in our Medium page that aims that will share news about current and future Nebulas technology with the public.

In terms of technical development, this week we performed transmission data compression and enhanced the performance of our network. Meanwhile, our web wallet has entered into its final phase of testing internally. Soon, users will be able to use the official Nebulas web wallet to create accounts, send transactions, and deploy and use smart contracts.

The details of this week’s progress are below:

1. Updated Nebulas wiki on Github

(1) We rephrased the Go-Nebulas installation document to be more developer-friendly;
(2) We reframed the logic and order of every part on the Nebulas wiki page;
(3) Based on developer feedback, we’ve added an FAQ section that answers the most popular questions asked by our community.

Please check the Nebulas wiki here
And join in our technical discussion in Slack here 
(Click on the #Developers channel)

We always welcome advice from our community!
If you have any feedback on our tech or Wiki, please email:

2. Dive into Nebulas — our new Tech column on Medium

To better connect with community developers, we’ve launched a new column on Medium, which is a direct channel owned and operated by the Nebulas technical team. As you’d expect, this column will be all about tech. It will introduce new features and performance updates about the Nebulas mainnet, and dive into popular technical questions in detail.

Nebulas Official Medium

3. Go-Nebulas Core — Compressed network transmission data

Every transaction in blockchain network is subject to network transmission speeds. To enhance the performance of our network, we compressed network transmission data and decreased bandwidth occupancy. Thanks to this, transaction speeds in our mainnet have increased.

4. Web Wallet

Nebulas Web Wallet

The web wallet has entered into the final phase of internal testing, and will officially launch soon. Here are some of the wallet’s functionalities:

(1) Create a user address
Web wallet can create an address which to store NAS in our mainnet.
(2) Send transaction and offline signature
Our web wallet supports cold storage, and comes with an offline signature feature to ensure transactions happen in a safe environment.
(3) Deploy and invoke smart contract
(4) View wallet information and transaction status.

The Nebulas tech team will soon publish a guideline on how to use the Nebulas web wallet. Please stay tuned to our Twitter and Medium.

Please download our web wallet here.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:

Twitter: @nebulasio