Nebulas Weekly Report #3 Nov 6, 2017

Nebulas Weekly Report
#3 Nov 6, 2017

Welcome to the #3 of Nebulas Weekly Report, weekly published report delivering developments in Nebulas projects. 
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THIS WEEK’S Top Commits

Go-Nebulas Commits

We were keeping developing v0.3.0 and improving the Go-nebulas this week.

We have integrated Chrome V8 into NVM, that means JavaScript is the first Smart Contract Language in Nebulas. And developers can write smart contracts in JavaScript to run on Nebulas. Supporting JavaScript is the first step, we will support more popular high-level languages, such as Python and Ruby, then developers can implement their ideas with the most familiar languages.

We also started to design & implement PoD (Proof of Devotion). More details are below:


  • Supported smart contracts in JavaScript.
  • Implemented storage type in Google V8 Engine.
  • Finished creating & deploying smart contracts in NVM.

P2P Network

  • Added stream store cache & automatic clean functions into P2P network.


  • Implemented deploying & calling smart contracts by JSON-RPC.
  • Implemented mapping GPRC to HTTP.


  • Started to design PoD.


  • Neb console improved an interactive shell for the JavaScript runtime environment.

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