Nebulas Weekly Report #34

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #34, delivering the latest updates and developments on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Last week’s dynamic summary

The fifth week of Nebulas Incentive Program ended last week. The Weekly Champion was a dapp named “Number One Player — Capital Game,”a trading game that uses new tokens built on the Nebulas chain.

Furthermore, last week, Nebulas and CertiK, the formal verification security service company, reached a partnership. NAS was also included in the second phase of the global public -chain technology evaluation by the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Nebulas Incentive Program Season 1 Week 5 Recap

The fifth week of Nebulas Incentive Program wrapped up last week. We received 536 decentralized app (dapp) submissions during this period, of which 107 passed review to win NAS rewards. In total, more than 180 winners of the developer and promoters will share more than $250,000 in NAS rewards.

The top prize this week was once more awarded to a gaming dapp: “Number One Player — Capital Games.”

Recognizing the importance of encouraging usage of blockchain applications, we recently launched the Super Contributor referral program. The top 20 accounts that invite the most people to register on Nebulas will be Super Contributors, share a weekly 10,000 NAS Prize, and vote on the best dapps in each week and month of the Incentive Program.

Learn more: “Week #5 Winners of Nebulas Incentive Program

OKEx completes Nebulas (NAS) mainnet coin swap

OKEx has completed the swap of NAS ERC20 tokens to NAS mainnet coins. All NAS ERC20 tokens stored on that exchange have now been transferred to NAS mainnet coins, and NAS deposit addresses on OKEx have been updated accordingly.

Learn more: “Nebulas (NAS) Mainnet Swap Completed on OKEx

Nebulas and CertiK announce partnership to secure the blockchain

Last week Nebulas and CertiK announced a strategic partnership, where CertiK will provide code security services to secure the Nebulas blockchain. Certik will provide formal verification for smart contracts and DApps developed on the Nebulas blockchain, enabling programs in the Nebulas ecosystem to be more robust and resilient to hacks.

Learn more: “Nebulas and CertiK Announce Partnership

Nebulas selected by China’s MIIT in new phase of public evaluation

The CCID Blockchain Research Institute under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China selected Nebulas as one of the projects in its Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation review.

The Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation aims to provide an objective review of top global public blockchains. Nebulas was handpicked along with blockchain projects like EOS on an initial list of 30 blockchain projects. 
Learn more: Nebulas selected by China’s MIIT in Global Public Chain Evaluation

Nebulas sponsored 32nd ACM International Supercomputing Conference (ICS 2018)

The ACM International Supercomputing Conference (ICS) is the main international forum for the presentation of research results in high-performance computing systems.

Nebulas sponsored the 32nd ACM International Supercomputing Conference (ICS 2018), which was held in Beijing from June 12th to June 15th, along with companies such as Huawei, ARM, Baidu, and Microsoft.

Aero talks about the potential of blockchains for charity

On World Refugee Day on June 15, 小马计划 (Project Ponybaby) invited senior media figures, scholars and blockchain leaders to discuss methods to alleviate the problems for refugees living under the shadow of war. Project Ponybaby is a nonprofit organization that aims to help people, especially children, fleeing from war. Nebulas COO Aero Wang attended a panel discussion on how to use blockchains to empower charities.

Dapp built on Nebulas wins Beijing hackathon

The game “Crypto Bird — An Implement of NabBoard” built by a team in Silicon Valley team won the Beijing Championship of the SegmentFault blockchain hackathon, hosted at the famous (in blockchain) Beijing Railway Coffee Station. Crypto Bird is built on the Nebulas blockchain to make use of encrypted score ranking and anti-cheating services. Duran Liu, head of Nebulabs, was invited to attend.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Mainnet Development Progress

Go-nebulas 1.0.5 released this week on testnet. Added encryption library and uint library , can be more convenient for developers using encryption function and defines the uint of different types, opening up access to specify the height of the block, hash and query the account balance ability and intelligent contract lib upgrade scheme was optimized, adding when transfer failure automatically records the event convenient to understand the cause of the failure.

Incentive Program

At the end of the fifth week of the incentive plan, we have received over 3000 application submissions and over 700 winning applications in the five weeks. At present, the fifth week of audit work is nearing the end, and the results will be announced early next week.


Last week, we released the Nebulas incentive scheme of super contributors, a week from the official invitation code invited to the new registered users of the top 20 promoter can become Nebulas incentive plan of super contributors, super contributors can vote to participate in the weekly monthly dapp awards and recognition. The rankings of the top contributors will be updated in real time this week.

Multi-language SDK

In order to meet the needs of developers on different platforms, our JS/Java/PHP/Python/Android/iOS and other versions of the SDK are officially released, welcome to use and make valuable suggestions.


In order to make developers to communicate more effectively, we are applying to create the Nebulas site on StackExchange. At present, it is at the stage of collecting commitments. Welcome to join!

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