Nebulas Weekly Report#36

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #36, delivering the latest updates and developments on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Last week’s dynamic summary

The “Nebulas Rank” Yellow Paper is now public

On June 30, The Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper, compiled by the Nebulas Research Institute, was officially released. Nebulas Rank proposes a dynamic value ranking algorithm to bring multi-dimensional blockchain data measurement. The algorithm is premised on authenticity, fairness and diversity, and opens up new use cases for search and discovery in the blockchain universe. Learn more.

Week 6 Winners of Nebulas Incentive Program

The rankings Excellent Applications for Nebulas Incentive Program Week 6 was released on June 28 (last Thursday) after a voting period by the judging panel. The winner was a dapp named NAS Tip Bot, with 11769 votes, and received 10,000 NAS rewards. NAS Tip Bot is a Nebulas-powered smart contract service that allows users to easily send NAS micropayments via social media. Learn more.

Week 7 Super Contributors and Excellent Dapps

On June 26, Nebulas announced the 20 Super Contributors of Nebulas Incentive Program Week 7 as well as the initial shortlist for the best dapps of the week.

The voting period of week 7 will end on the midnight of July 3 (this Tuesday). Super Contributors must submit their votes before this time. Learn more.

Selection Rules for June Monthly Awards, Nebulas Incentive Program

The First Season of the Nebulas Incentive Program will soon come to an end, and the winners of the second Monthly Champion Developer and Referral awards will be decided. The Nebulas team announced the selection rules for these awards on June 29.

Fifty Super Contributors and five Nebulas team representatives will form a 55-person judging panel to decide the Monthly Developer Champion for June. They will accordingly consider the best dapps submitted from the 5th to 8th week of the Nebulas Incentive Program, and the monthly winner will get 20,000 NAS as rewards. Learn more.

NAS is now trading on Binance

At 16:00, June 28, Beijing time, NAS was officially launched on Binance, which open the NAS/BNB, NAS/BTC and NAS/ETH trading pairs.

Recently, NAS has launched on exchanges including Binance, OKEx and

Nebulas Research Lead, Xuepeng Fan, gives lecture at first Whampoa President Workshop

On June 30, the first Whampoa President Workshop on blockchain was officially debuted and Nebulas research lead Xuepeng Fan gave a lecture there about blockchains.

Nebulas hosts community meetup in Guangzhou on June 30

The Nebulas Guangzhou meetup came to a successful conclusion on June 30. Nebulas co-founder and COO Aero Wang, Nebulas core developer Larry Wang and Nebulas research lead Xuepeng Fan attended the meetup. They together spoke about the Nebulas Incentive Program, talked about how to build DApps on Nebulas mainnet, and shared their insights on blockchain development. Delicious food and drinks were also provided for attendees.

Atlas Protocol was invited to attend the press release of RatingToken

On the afternoon of June 30, Duran Liu, co-founder of Atlas Protocol was invited to attend the press release of RatingToken, the joint event of Block Fengbao lab and Jinse Finance.

Aero Wang gives keynote speech at HPB Engine Acceleration launch event

On July 1, HPB held their Engine Acceleration press release launch event and community meetup in Shanghai. Nebulas COO and co-founder Aero Wang was invited to give a keynote speech at the event.

Silicon Valley Festival Hackathon comes to a close

On June 24th, Silicon Valley Festival Hackathon sponsored by Nebulas successfully ended. The Nebulas team announced the results of the hackathon on July 28. The winner application was a Nebulas-powered market prediction dapp. A gun safety and fitness tracking dapp ranked second and third place, respectively.

NAS Center hosts blockchain-gaming focused meetup

On June 29th, the NAS Center hosted a meetup focused on blockchain games. Invitees included the developer influencer and hackathon champion Kojima Minako, Nebulas core developers Roy Shang and Feng Wang, Nebulas business developer Jackie and Hanna, Nebulas legal specialist Yiyi Jin, and Nebulas ambassador Ana participated. Attendees had a pleasant discussion where the key topic was the future of blockchain games.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Mainnet Development Progress

Based on the steady performance of Nebulas mainnet go-nebulas v1.0.5, we further upgraded the response process of existing services to improve the stability. For example, we have added the input validation of the frequently used Bignumber in smart contracts, so that it can reject some unnecessary input in blockchain scenarios at an earlier stage. In addition, because of the dramatic increase in transaction volume on Nebulas mainnet (690,000 transactions on June 22nd, exceeding the average transaction volume of Ethereum by nearly 90,000), we have increased the bandwidth of the cluster network to provide better response speed.

Incentive Program

Last week, we released the super contributor program of NIP, a week from the official invitation code invited to the new registered users of the top 20 promoter can become nebula incentive plan of super contributors, super contributors can vote to participate in the weekly monthly dapp awards and recognition. The rankings of the top contributors will be updated in real time this week. Learn more.


Meantime, we also upgrade our web-extension-wallet. You can try it at


Multi-language SDK

In order to meet the needs of developers on different platforms, our JS/Java/PHP/Python/Android/iOS and other versions of the SDK are officially released, welcome to use and make valuable suggestions. The .NET versions of the SDK were added this week, while bugs in some of the SDK were fixed.


In order to make developers to communicate more effectively, we are applying to create the Nebulas site on StackExchange. At present, it is at the stage of collecting commitments. Welcome to join! Learn more.

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